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Fix: iPad Sound Problems, No Sound on iPhone Games, iPad without sound effects… iOS 8 and iOS 7

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If your iPad doesn’t have sound on iOS 8 or iOS 7, it is probably NOT broken. Sometimes, iPad sound effects is not working only on certain games or apps (even though you try to increase the volume)… Fix your iPad sound: the solution is easy and also applies to iPhones.

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IMPORTANT: If you tried everything in the video but have “headphones” indication even when you don’t have headphones inserted, your iPad might moisture in the headphones connector. Try inserting and removing your headphones a few times. Also, be sure the docking connector (where you charge the iPad/iPhone) is clean: use a dry toothbrush to remove any dust/dirty particles from the bottom connector. Keeping the iPad in a plastic zip bag with some silica envelopes for a night might help in the case of moisture messing up with the headphones detection or the external docking audio detection.

INTERESTING: The side switch (or the ‘silent’ in Control Center) doesn’t mute content such as videos in YouTube – this is expected and explained by Apple in its documentation… but it causes some confusion as Apps get silenced and people don’t understand why since videos plays sound but apps are quiet.

Steps to solve sound problem presented in the video:

1. Put the side switch UP (so it doesn’t show the red mark, which is ‘mute/silent’)
2. Put the volume all up (lateral buttons)

1b. If the side switch is used to lock the rotation of the screen, use the Control Center and be sure the ‘silent’ (cut bell) is off (dark).
2b. Put the volume all up.

3. Close all the running apps
4. Reboot the iPad/iPhone

Understand the Lateral Switch:

Reset iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: (rebooting, forcing it ‘off’ and ‘on’ again)

Unresponsive iOS device, resolution checklist:

This solution is applicable to the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPod Touch

Camera: Canon EOS 600D
Sound: Yeti (Blue, USB Condenser Microphone) on Audacity
Edited: FinalCut Pro X, MacBook 2009, 4GB RAM, OSX Mountain Lion
* iMimic is not endorsed by or affiliated with Milton Bradley’s Simon game.
Written, Performed and Produced by Everson Siqueira


You have an iPad says:

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and VGA) and Wirelessly using Apple TV. See the advantages of each one:

You have an iPad says:

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DerpyTime! says:

Thank you I didn’t realize there was a mute button now my apps make sound
😀 even the sound of my typing! Again thank you now I can hear my apps!!! 

TheMrjoojo says:

I didn’t know my mute option was on the whole time, you sir are amazing,
many Thanks to you ! u need moar subs, continue uploadin man!

William Burke says:

My problem, I finally discovered, was that the sound output was set to my
Kinivo Bluetooth headphones in the Control Center. I use the headphones
nearly every night, and this never happened before.

Smokey Dawg says:

I feel retarded.

Gamer598 says:

Haha, could you write the steps? Since my Ipad dosen’t have sound right

ugo ilodigwe says:

Thank you… I was bout to throw it out the window for a second

KittyCatSmilesX says:

OMG Thank you so much! My Ipad was all like ‘Nuuu I’m not gonna tell you
how to switch on sound’ so I was like ‘whatever’ but then I found this –
Take that Ipad!!!

Skrillexcreeper says:

never put your audio all up…. you will blow your left speaker

Lynda L says:

Thank you! You’ve given a gift that just keeps on giving!

Wadda The Dark Angel says:

You’re god thank you!

Kalyani N says:

Thanks for the Dix iPad sound.. It worked for me!

Harley English says:

I dunno wat u saing sound has gone so no hel

Muhd Afiq Azizi says:

Gosh!!! Thx motherfucker!

David K says:

Thanks it works now

Tristen meilleur says:

This did not work for me, I only have system sounds and sound in apps with
headphones plugged in. I also do not get a slider on screen when I turn up
my volume anymore. This problem occurred spontaneously.

Der SnightCrafter says:

Thanks this hard reset helped me

HappyPlaysVideogames MC and stuff. says:

Yes thank you :)

MilkgamesPlay says:

thank you this video helped me out a lot THANKS!!ur amazinkg

Jesse Wills says:

And yes I am holding them not just pressing them together

Alex Ricard says:


Rachel Turner says:

I feel retarded

Parker Steadman says:

I feel like such a dumbass… thanks for the help

Damian02 says:

Thanks!!! it helped a lot! I was raging because I couldn’t hear my I pad!!!
but now I can! Thanks again!!!!

mamora14344 says:

Thank you so much, for this great instructions so effective.

Kamille Castillo says:

Errr mah gerd!! THATNK YOU

Richard Stanford says:

Great presentation style. Thanks for your help!

anikha begum says:

I done it the last one coz I knw all about them ones but it didn’t work

john zak says:

I did everything and my sound still doesn’t work…. What do i do?

Lyna Arlyna says:

Problem: my volume slider has disappeared completely, how do I get it back?
audio works when i go to sound to adjust the ringer and if I plug in my
earphones. Otherwise, there’s no sound at all. Has tried clearing cache,
reset, power off and it all doesnt solve the problem.

AverageSqueaker says:

You’re a lifesaver!

ShazzamGaming says:

Thanks man! You helped me a lot! I would subscribe, but right now you have
666 subscribers, and I don’t wanna mess up that demon mojo yiu got goin’
on. :)

99butcher99 says:

fixes you should know. what happens when this does not work. Go to
settings, general, change language. change it back. now you have sound.
But why does this continue to happen?

BluestarPlaysMC says:

I cant hear any sound in my ipad at ALL I put it on un-mute but theres
still. No sound. I needed captions to hear most videos.. Any way to fix

luis beza says:

Thanks a lot you helped me I appreciate it

Tiger Power03 says:

I’ve done all this and it still won’t work

Soumyodip Kanrar says:

yeah man the video demo has helped a lot….. even the technical support
staffs of Apple failed to solve the issue…..

Ace Anime says:

THANKS!! You are a life saver! Your getting a like for sure!

Mark Sai says:

Thank u now I feel I am an idiot…

Jesse Wills says:

My iPad or ipad mini when pressing the home button and power button makes a
screen shot very bad video that doesn’t work 

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