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Fix HP Stuck in Boot Loop or Freezes at Getting Windows Ready / Preparing Automatic Repair

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This video helps you diagnose reasons for your HP being stuck in a boot loop. It takes you through multiple reasons and solutions for why your computer turns on part way and gets stuck somewhere in the startup process whether it be at diagnosing
your PC, a black screen, a loading screen, preparing automatic repair, starting windows screen or some different kinds of blue screens, etc,. This video teaches you how to diagnose your computers problem yourself saving you on costly repairs.

FYI: Sometimes ‘Legacy’ is listed as ‘CSM’

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Please No says:

My laptop turns on shows and hp logo then turns off and then repeats it over and over. Help!

TETO Nano says:

Didnt work it took me to automatic repair

Move Slowly says:

Uhm i have some problem on my laptop and the problem black screen and i cant even use the repair cuz if i use the repair doesn't work … Help me plsss…(sorry bad english) and im scared cuz my mom dont know about the laptop

DeceptiveBrat says:

For 3 hours my acer AO1-431-C8G8 Cloudbook 14 has been stuck on the 64% windows isntallation while resetting, please help 😭😭😭

Randy Orton says:

Thank you! Helped a lot!

Pilot Gaming says:

Heres the thing; I did a complete reset a while ago. But during the boot up, it died and when i turned it back on, it would come up with a error saying the computer restarted unexpectedly. So i followed this other video that said to do F10 plus SHIFT. Then i had a command
prompt and i had to enter regedit. I changed a few things but now my computer resets and does a loop at 64% please help what do i do

Fahmi Aiman says:

what if hard drive short dst check failed

Ezlyn Eriessa says:

Hello. I have Question to ask abt my HP Pavilion laptop. When I turn on the screen it said "attempting to recover installation" n "restoring your previous version of windows" but it just goes over and over again. Nothing works. Like the it is stuck. Any solution maybe??

mightybaseplate says:

Mine just keeps 'repairing disk errors' or 'Repairing and fixing drive'. It remains stuck there for an hour and nothing happens, why?

Jayda Gazeley says:

I'm have a HP laptop problem first day until now very much hard work more than worse I never ever ever met before.

quentin jones says:

My laptop shows the white light and the orange charging light but if the screen is black what to do

Laura Walker says:

This video is great however you don't show one of the most important steps… how to enable and disable??

Ellie Harwood says:

My hp laptop was installing windows but then died due to not realising the charger wasn’t plugged in, now all my laptop is doing when I changed it back up is saying preparing with the hp symbol then going onto a blue screen saying it’s 64% through the installation then quickly going off and doing the same steps over and over again do you know a way to fix this please x

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