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Fix- How to fix and set-up your microphone (computer)!

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A basic tutorial to help you fix and set up your microphone.

Here are the steps

1.Go to start menu and click control panel
2. Click on sound and click on recordings
3. Double Click your microphone and set it up just like in the video

Another way
1. In the control panel, click on speech recognition
2. Click on setup microphone
3. Follow the instructions and then click finish

Last way
1. In the taskbar click on the speakers and click on the mini speaker
2. Click on enhancements and check the first and the last two boxes
3 Then Click OK

There you go hope you enjoy my video and learn something.


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Lien Kashyap says:

i have a problem.
when i plug in my 2pin headset(1for headset and 1 for microphone) my mic doesnt work. i mean it works but there is no voice .recording
i checked everything but it didnt work.

Thenexogem says:


FaKi Panda says:


zeeshan qureshi says:

very nice on skype why sound is breaking from my side

Kev-1-n says:

My mic was set to a bluetooth device.. ._.

Kev-1-n says:

cringe,but tanks

Crypto Currency / Lakoste says:

I have an external Microphone — I can hear myself when I speak(wtf) so annnnoying ,, and when I record a video with Debut by NCS – does't pick up the sound from the mic… I feel like a 10 year old kid because I don't know how to configure this

DatBoiCassidyMsp says:

the only problem that I had was at some point my family set the microphone to 0 .-.

XeKoH says:

I Cant open the Speach Recognition

BlueNexus PH says:

thanks man really helped me

Gaming Master says:

my microphone is good but when i use facebook calls THEY WON'T HEAR ME!!!

Pepe says:

your intro is ear rape

kevinjml says:

thanks dude you are so good 🙂 thank you

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