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Fix Damaged Insulation Layer for iPhone iPad NAND Flash Chip IC Board

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For the damaged insulation layer of chip and logic board, especially for large damaged area, it’s a big problem for repairmen. Here we use efix IP BGA Stencils, UV light, and Solder Mask Ink to fix it. This is a rapid and easy way, which can improve the success rate and save time. After some practice, you can do it well.

For the item, please check the link below:
Please check the link below:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
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zack superman says:

you have a video for repair damaged mother board iphone 6 ? Thanks

Jack Berg says:

Many thank's for your video, I learned something new.

Fithri Zainal says:

what oil did you use?

Hou Wen Tien says:

@luo tony i am more interested where can i get that NAND/CHIP PCB Board Holder

Stefan Niedzielah says:

11:45 and I have noticed only now that this is in English… dude fix your accent.

Oxford Electronics says:

Hello, good video, where can we buy the UV lamp?

jeetro re delle tenebre says:

whatsapp please contact 00393803232063

MOHAMED noufal says:

yes tried with 6s mmc ic … working 100% thanks

Luo Tony says:

Can't understand.

Marco Antonio says:

Hubiera salido mas rápido y bueno con una lupa y un palillo filoso, aplicar solo en las partes malas y listo

Sidney Smith says:

That was sweet!😱 I completely wrecked my motherboard trying to remove a bad NAND. I will try to repair it now 🤗

Hemi Power says:

Hi Luo. when you repair the board can you redo the pads after ( I just ordered Reballing Rework Station Stencils Fixtures JIG Kit for
iPhone iPad LGA52 LGA60 PCIE HDD Flash Repair Parts Tool (301057) + package 2 But I could not see the stencils that fit the fixtures on the site ? or did I miss them ? are they included ?

Tina nguyen says:

hi where I can order the picture reballing nang thanks

Denis Zmeev says:

Hello, where can I get a plastic card, which You used to cover the contacts

Ray says:

Very good video, subscribed!

Paul Daniel Triff says:

Nice job,i just subscribed to your channel!Can you tell us where to buy the plastic nand flash cover and the stencil reballing tool please? Thank you.

Noah LIT says:

I have an iPod 4g and when your using it, it will turn off and not turn on again until you restore with iTunes. And that will keep repeating over and over.

antonio mastroianni says:

Plastic for hd and forme for rebulling
Where can i buy that
Thanks you
Bests regardes

Jonas Peters says:

Great video!

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