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Fix Computer Problems For FREE

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Fix Computer Problems For FREE

Are you looking for a all in one tool kit that runs on USB? well this Windows Repair Toolbox is freeware and can help at fixing and repairing common computer problems. Its packed with loads of repair tools that help fix and resolve issue on your PC or laptop.

It lets you download on-the-fly the best free portable software.

Download it here!!

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KNife TripleX says:

Thank you !

AzuraCFW says:

any good startup repair tools?

UltraBlazingasLT says:

what the fuck it tells me ShellExecuteEX failed;code 2 system does not find file it happens when i open this file setup

Shafiq Ahmed says:

Woww your amazing boss I have learned a lot of things from your channel bundle of thanks Currently im Doing Job In Saudi as IT Help Desk support nowadays your forum v helpful for me lots of love from Pakistan Stay Blessed Sir.

Murat gençkal says:

my pc blocs it

Carol Lee says:

Could you please make a playlist based on this as the primary video and add to it as you create more content supporting this video? Please and thank you!

2Drezik says:

fantastic tool, thanks

A G says:

by accidentally, I changed my administrator account to a stand account. Now whatever I want to do to change something, there is no "yes" button on the "user account control". I can't do what is done in the video, can't even pass the 1st step. I only have a local account which was my administrator before. I need help with this issue. Can anyone help me with this please?????

TimsComputerRepair says:

Nice little review on WRT. Thanks Brian

The Kelly Corner says:

Hey thanks for the video Brian

Phil Dawson says:

Fantastic as usual

Eagle Ales says:

i want more video for custom tool , so i can learn more.great video for easy way pc repair, thanks for sharing, keep it up Brian.

Nesilita Bajora says:

very helpful video i am just beginning to learn this computer industry and i learn a lot from your videos it is very clear and easy for me to follow. Glad that you share your wisdom, great help a VERY BIG THUMBS UP.

Corey says:

My school has blocked this software. Oh well, Ill have to wait until the end of the day to try this out

Liberal Blue State says:

Thanks. A must for Technicians

damolin77 says:

Thanks for the Awesome video Brian been a way for some health issues i'm trying to deal with. One thing i been asked to fix on a few peoples computers and not seen many videos on is "how to enable or disable to display information about a user's previous successful and unsuccessful sign-ins during user sign-in " don't know if you have done a video on this I looked and didn't see one.

Andani Ziblim Salifu says:

can this fix registry problems please? Thanks

Oscar Fonte says:

Greetings Britec, Windows Repair Toolbox The Kaspersky identifies it as a Trojan. Multi. ProxyChanger.gen and places it in System Memory, it will be a false positive, Will That executable be clean linked to many sites?

hamrad88 says:

It appears this is a download and launch tool and not self-contained.

R. Ran says:

I'll be honest; your tutorials have saved my system and my family's hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of Dollars over the years and 2018 is "NO" different…Thank You!

MerrieMelodies Fan says:

Thanks britec. This is VERY useful.

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