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Fix Common Problems With Your Computer

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Fix Common Problems With Your Computer

Windows 8 or 8.1 can sometimes have common issues with audio sound, video / graphics drivers, firewall problem, windows updates, network adapter and many more, you can first start by using troubleshooting which is built into windows or you can use a free bit of software called fixwin 2.0, this can help repair and try and find a solution to fix your issue you may be having with your PC computer. Just watch the video, it could help solve your computer problem.


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jinhi9005 says:

This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about "free windows 7 error repair tool" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Ginro Computify Fixer – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my neighbour got great results with it.

Jose Jiménez says:

hi guys if you need any help with basic pc problems I can help contact me on instagram
FIXINGPCS send me a message

Alinoti Stiven says:

My computer has a problem what can do sir

Vann Minea says:

just factory reset

Bobby Manny says:

My pic won't even let me on any internet….can you help?

TheTechyButterfly says:

🙂 Great benefit for a teenage girl who wants to fix PCs

TwoShots says:

i cant click on my widows button pls help

Haig Dickson says:

Your a God bertic

MrCodePlayz says:

Wait…WIndows 8.1 with WMP?

Julius Eskola says:

Before i updated to windows 10, when i moved finger on the touchpad and the mouse simultaneously the computer crashed.

Anonymouss says:

My operating system deleted itself 🙂

Rinbee IT says:

Hello Mr. My computer has problem about blue screen Error VDIEO_TDR_FAILURE. So what should I do? help help.

James Mathew says:

Solving the common problems manually takes time.So, I used to contact AskPCTechies i.e. one of the topmost online technical support department which used to solve the problem by experts.

Crazeecrafterr Sile says:

U know when it says welcome on windows 7 before desktop mine doesnt come up and this grey fixing thing comes up and u hav to scan i do it then it says it cant fix the problems please help

LightningShockXD says:

I need some help w/ my PC
I broke the .EXE extension….

NNY says:

hi,just want ask you,my computer is new but when i can it has 3000problems,why?and how to fix it


Best Channel i like on YT.
Bro Plz Create a tutorial which components we can remove from Windows Xp iso with NTLite

Plazacky says:

Hey Bri can i have the link for that beautiful wallpaper?

Damien Lamy says:

Good you never stear anyone wrong and some of the programs u use worked for me so thanks

Rajan says:

My PC have 4 gig of ram
But Its Getting SLOW.. How can I Speed It UP?????

Outsider & Arianator says:

Here's my advice for anyone having PC problems : Buy an Apple computer

Justin Mcnabb says:

My computer when i start it recently says stuff like – starting group policy and preparing your desktop. Never said any of this before,is it a bad thing?

Dr.Asif Ali says:

Crap! This software crashed my PC i had to restore my system Britec..
 plz do care, its a real crap software. Donot run it on ur pcz plz..

Jason Cole says:

Perfect as always Brian.

Kato jishifu says:

had black screen of death, Found out how to go into steam and skype, Plays a random game on steam, After 3 hours, Desktop has been restored but it was in the left side, Reinstalled, 10 out of 10 would die again.

Hakim عبد الخالق says:

Great piece of software to add to my collection. Thanks for all the great advice you supply to all of us newbies.

immenseTie says:

Great Vid TY!!

f23948 says:

are you using NZST gaming computer right now? plz reply

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