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Fix Blank Screen Problem iPad, iPhone voiceover

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I will show you how to fix this blank screen problem with iPad or iPhone when voice over is on. The screen will not turn on.


Herobrine says:

Omg thank you this took forever to find out before i saw your video thanks man!


Thank you bro too much

Wawa Skittletits Mochi Pickles says:

thank you so much. vn if im 21, i can still cry. its been 5 hours and i was suppose to text my friend, i hesrd her text messages. i was crying, (shut up) thank you for helping me, i found this vidoe on my laptop

Sumthin Sumthin DarkSide says:

This helped Me A lot, Thank you, this was annoying me 😄

Arts Audio says:

Thanks a million, really worked.

Jitendra Pethaperumal says:

Dude thanks great video really helpful

Nikolasa Gaming says:

works thanks subet to you

Maddie Loves Jake paul says:

Omg thank u so much I done this on my school iPad and there getting passed on when we go highschool so tysm

lyn francisco says:

Thank u so much. It was such a big help. Problem solved !
New Subscriber here! 🙂

Emilio Domínguez says:

Thank god bro

Gabriel Goaga says:

great. you saved my son day

Hassan Mohamed says:

Thanks a lot

Abby says:

thank you so much. i accidentally tried to click zoom on my iphone 7 plus and i pressed voice over. i had to tap 3-5 times but it worked! now i have to figure out how to turn it off… all the voiceover is doing is selectine the things i want to press. so annoying!

alias is cool says:

Thax so much

Veera Raghavulu says:

Its working… Thank you so much…..

Delyan Aleksiev says:

Thank you very much.

Uchenna Abalihe says:

Thank you so much. Your tutorial really helped me.

altaf khan says:

thanks men this video helped me soooooo freaking much thanks for every thing

bunnymcboo 22 says:

My screen one day faded slowly it took like 2 days for it to completely fade and now when I try to turn it on it does not work. It's been 2 years now and I just watched this and it did not work I've taken it in the shop but they said they don't want to damage it even more. I'm so sad 😭

sola dee says:

OMG thank you so much

athilah kamilia says:


Chantell Harrison says:

Thank you so much. My daughter turned on the aggravating voiceover feature & I couldn't figure out what to do. If it wasn't for your tutorial I don't know what we would've done. Thank you so much!!!!!

leodelca2011 says:

Tim: Thank you for your advise, it works!!

Mamta Desai says:

Thank you so much…. This really helped me turn off this irritating feature,

Galaxy DJ says:

Bro thank you this happened on my phone and I thought it was broken

Jami Martey says:

Thank you so much! 🙌🙏
Virtual hug

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