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Fix ANY Water-Damaged Smartphone!

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This simple tool can actually fix any Smartphone that has beenwet due to water damaged or being dropped in water: https://nanostate.co/product/i-survived/

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Intro Made by Sxxov: https://www.youtube.com/user/SxxovMC

Music Credits to Thastor and NCS:

My Filming Gear:
Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH4
Lens: Stock 14-140mm
Tripod: Velbon DV-7000
Mic: Blue Yeti Pro

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Pabin Khanal says:

it's amazing wow

CODG4M3R PRO says:

Cuz my brother dropped his phone in the sea by accident

CODG4M3R PRO says:

Does this work for Sony expira e3??

Jana Roos says:

my phone works now but. i can see the water in it and with black screen it has white stripes ug and they dont want to give new one

RHL says:

You can put your phone in rice 🍚

Ned Colville says:

Would it work for an Xperia Z2 that claims to be waterproof

Kurt Nevin Carrido says:

I hope this can product can bring my beloved grandfather back to life😭😭😭

Rajiv Jadhav says:

does this only work if you put the phone in the pouch immediately after it was dropped in water or does it matter if you put the damaged phone after a day or so of air drying it?

Antony Parkinson says:

can u put a link to the product

Shubh Preet says:

By mistake i drenched my nokia 730 smart phone in washing machine I immediately removed it from there but it hasn't started since last six months please find me a solution
Shubhpreet from Amritsar

Roland Simuni says:

the phone would work when he picked it up from the water … not clicking on the button he should have holded it for a sec … and it would wooork jeeez

Al Lizotte says:

Before you didn't hold down the power button you pushed it really fast that doesn't power it on

Coolshadow 1001 says:

couldn't you just use rice?

Marshall Wagner says:

Does this work with an iPhone or ipod?

chetu thakur says:

coooooool βœŒπŸ˜„

The Good Meme Man says:

How does this work on iphone if the iphones back doesnt come off

HimanShu Bajaj says:

Diversity !!! In Giorgio Tsoukalos (Ancient Aliens on Histroy) 's Voice

swapnil jena says:

my screen has stopped working. will this work then?

Random says:

What kind of phone is that ?

hippopominy9 says:

love your videos don't know how you keep coming with more and more intriguing stuff keep up the good work

Tech Adwise says:

Did anyone notic that arun had a small cut on his finger? Try some chapstick and it will heal πŸ™‚

SarvasvKulpati says:


Alex Odarchuk says:

Why do you talk so quiet. it's like there's a baby sleeping in the same room

TechMeOut says:

wow…. just amazing πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

dabbing eternally says:

Anyone else think his profile picture looks like castiel? lol

Tech Aspiron says:

Good video. My phone can swim tho lol.

thiefrules says:

so… silica gel packets

BTechHD says:

Nice to know. Hopefully all phones in the future are packed so no water will get in.

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