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Fix ANY Laptop in China!

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No matter how badly damaged your notebook/laptop computer is, it can be fixed in China!

Repair outcome video: https://youtu.be/4CfkrOGLYD8

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John Saunders says:

You got a lot of looks from people.. Is it because you were recording or white? Or maybe both?

GAO Xiang2 says:

$2500 for a fix, thats 2/3 the monthly wage of an average chinese in the prosperous east coast city. fcking… $%^&*(

Grengle Electronics says:

This place is for me !!!!
I love it !!!

Ghetto Whiz says:

have a sees of old booksl looking at one of them .The title the gathering storm

Niko Tesla says:

2500的维修费 坑死人 我也想去做苹果维修了

乌云长流 says:


Quix says:

If you want replacement parts from China for your laptop, or any other electronic device you can always try Aliexpress. I managed to get a replacement cord for my Logitech G500 for $8 (inc shipping). They have a lot of stuff like replacment proprietary fans, motherboards, LCD panels for fairly low prices.

Now, granted this does require that you or someone you know actually repair the device. I can't help you with that. I've saved a lot of money repairing things myself over the last few years.

neeshuiAngel says:

Nausicaä!? ^o^

Xmod's Gaming says:

damn you can just order everything a just build one. you can do that in America you would need to order parts form China. Americans have no access to Apple parts.

Xmod's Gaming says:

I reballed a Imac GPU and after about two years the guys said it is still working. just flux around the chip and then hit it with a heat gun for 5minutes. Then uses good thermal past.

Frank Dai says:

Processor power matters also depending on its generation too

Hamza Khadim says:

can fix dead laptop motherboard. !?

Youtube watchdog says:

I guess they will reball your board again and sell to someone else and sold you the board they have taken from another customer by the same way!

Wojciech Wargin says:

Hello, can I send them my broken Mac Book Pro from Germany? Can they make them faster and up to date? Can you give me an email or address? Servus

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