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Fix and Repair Broken Laptop Power Cord || Charger pin

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Repairing DC JACK (Pin) of your laptop charger if the cable is not proper….

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Wilko1991 says:

Great video, the idea of using sewing thread and superglue as a tension reliever is genius!

OsadeTOOT says:

pleasd bro if you could help me, i have 2 wires white and black which one is positive and negative? please

Shaila Oznola says:

Another helpful video… Thanks for sharing

Winston Clarke says:

Magnificent job on that labtop battery charger.

Rita Chavda says:

I subscribe and like

Erhan Abdullah says:

rope is good technique …

mood. trap says:

The top of my charger broke and it’s stuck in the laptop I need help. Pls

Daring Diva Cat says:

lets say the charger piece is… broken like almost completely off what do i do?

Sabina Qureshi says:

Sir what about three wired charger I cannot understand which is negative and which is positive and what is third wire for
And their coloured is red black and white

Merlin says:

Next video you should explain what your doing with the baking powder and everything you did.. when the video went fast

vikram kundal says:

Can we make a cable with one end of laptop charger pin and other with mobile charger pin….could it work for charging mobile from 12V power supply unit

Hemu Ahmed says:

My laptop charging plug gets heat while charging. Sometimes it works fine no heat at all. Only the plug which goes into laptop. What should I do now ??

elliexo eaton says:

off with the head

cooliteh says:

now you just need a new ""laptop" :P. but nice fix

Stelios Kasikis says:

Great!. thanks 4 sharing

JON Gergeceff says:

Awesome job thank you.

vinod sharma says:

Waa sir kamal kar diya

Shekhar kanwar says:

could you tell me can I make a different company laptop workable of same voltage just after changing its plug size to another size plug.will it work properly or not.plz tell me


Which glue u used??

Ariana Grandé says:

My charger has 3 wires what is positive and negavite in that case

Sabreen Syeed says:

Great. Thanx 👍

kaiowas12 says:

Using cotton as a makeshift strain relief is a neat idea I hadn't seen before, thanks for the tip.

Tim B. says:

Well, you really showed that you can fix it, but sadly, with your speeding up the video at the critical repair points, you didn't really help others learn to fix it. Fine if you're my next door neighbor, not so helpful otherwise.

Venkatsundaram Natarajan says:

can we repair the power cord

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