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Fix a dead laptop battery for free

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PLEASE like and share videos thanks for watching(May Not Work For Some People) This video is to show you how to fix a laptop battery (Not Just For Toshiba) that is telling you to consider buying a new one and also showing a red X while charging in a red X blinking when unplugged there is no need to go out and buy a brand-new battery some laptops you can access a battery calibration from the biosunfortunately Toshibas you cannot if you have any questions leave them in the comment section below also please like subscribe and share this video

(May Not Work For Some People)


bishal tharu says:

It worked buddy becoz we both have same laptop ? toshiba satellite L735

mayank sati says:

iss video ki bana batti aur vaa se kaan khujaa…. not working..bloddy hell…mind sucks

Nasty Nate says:


monsoon shrestha says:

It didnot work out.after doing all u said the batrey is still on 0%

Jon Rodriguez says:

I tried it with my Asus X550ZA and it seemed not to work. Will i have to purchase a new battery for my laptop and its only 2 yrs old

harold markus says:

my laptop won't start without the battery in and the ac adapt pluged in

Kim Angel says:

Worked great on my Dell Inspiron 178 — Thanks!

Oleg Voskoboynikov says:

Great approach.  Thank you.  Will definitely try it

Candy Lawson says:

It didn't work for me..says Battery not detected¬† did this 3 times. still nothing…thanks anyway…

ZeldaBoy says:

That's funny, you showed how to disable the 'consider buying a new battery' message for a battery in poor condition. I thought you were going to freeze one and show how to extend the life of it…

Susanne Kesstell says:

Prior to your first shutdown, I noticed your battery did NOT show the "red X" so therefore you did nothing to make or show any change considering no battery issue is apparent with your toshiba wtf?….BOGUS video!

Chava Ayanna says:

Just making a pit stop to your channel AGAIN. My battery decided it was gonna act all ghetto…..AGAIN LOL
And I couldn't quite remember how to restore a battery that wasn't charging. But I just used your video to help get my battery straight. So, thanx again <3 <3

Kayla Claire says:

Does this work for an asus laptop on windows 8.1?

Applevalleyrealestate1 says:

Thank you, it worked on my hp laptop. Easy fix save me money.

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