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Fix a Cracked iPhone Screen: How Hard Can It Be?

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If your iPhone screen shatters, your best bet is to take it in for a repair, but WSJ’s Geoffrey A. Fowler decided to do the job himself. It takes… patience.

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Ahm Ahm says:

Cracked the iPhone 10😢😢my purchase $1,200 iPhone

Morgan Werschler says:

I'm sorry but that vibration noise was hilarious

Brittany M. says:

Great video!

Timaria Williams says:

Can u fix mine

Mena V says:

Who is watching this with a cracked phone

Rhayonna Poindexter says:

Thats the exact same cracks on my screen.

iiAlbinoDinoii says:

dropped a 45 dumbbell on my phone!! Love my life

Crystal kitty productions says:

I deserve a cookie after this

Nikki says:

Don’t over analyze, my love.

TheYorkie Gamer says:

I fudging hate the rocks now

Joshua Wright says:

I️ fixes my phone in 10 minutes for my first time.

Chris Angler says:

That's what happens when sheep buy into overpriced iBroke products. I never have this problem with droids.

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