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Failed to Fix Your Cell Phone? Make a Robot

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If your mobile phone’s electronics is broken, you should pretty much say
goodbye to it. But there are parts you could salvage from it…

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar


Mae Zap says:

She’s adorable.

Antsunited says:

that robot was beautiful

Khemraj Deulkar says:

Pls tell me how I used my Lenovo A6000 mobile camera for raspberry-pi-projects (mobile is break)

Munchki nomatic says:

Your daughter is so adorable!

Also, is there a way to phrase that without sounding like a pedo?

Amber Mature says:

4:48 She SOOU has a LittleBits™, SnapCircuits™ or SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GamingWithViro -Viro- says:

This guys hilarious

Endrik Meitinger says:

But that camra ain't helping ya if your phone is fryed

Brian Johnson says:

I watched all the up until you disrespected our President. Not funny.

betoen says:

You ruined the video with that "Trump joke". Keep politics away from edication and science.

Alex31YTB says:

If you want to make your phone to work again watch some jerryrig vids

Kasun Madushanka says:

haha :V lol that was hilarious

mamakbytheway2003 says:

Electro Boom your the best

gatelych83 says:

There’s an Nvidia chip

Martin Freznell says:

The Trump. Hahaa!

Palash Sharma says:

Great Team. like father like daughter! haha thumbs up!

annonymous j says:

Not sure if it's a girl with high intelligence,
or I'm a guy with low intelligence.

Dawoud Al Kathiri says:

دمت گرم واقعا ، زنده باشی
ساندویج مغز لووووووووووووووووووووووول

KeyboardWrecker says:

lmfao "I call it the Trump"

Farhan Amrin says:

Huh…now I'm more curious about your wife

Skyler Berman says:

Am I the only one who understands that Texas instruments is a fucking calculator company

Dee Sleezy says:

5:22 had no idea this man was a father…. mindblown

Dee Sleezy says:

have you ever had a brain sandwich? the texture is like bugars but the taste is out of this world

Big Smoke Did 9/11 says:

You can't stump the trump

Rotcod says:

She's great. It's so great to be a parent.

Saber M says:

awwwhhhh… She's sooo cute 🙂

MadiCat247 says:

Ok that was adorable

Safeman4202 says:

She told him 😂

Chrome4fan says:

There's gonna some creepy fucking dudes looking at this guys kid

JFar says:

That song was dope

jacob gaming says:

This is funny af

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