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Easy repair for laptop keyboard (when several keys are not working)

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If several keys are not working, the problem might be a little oxidation on the cable contacts. Here is a possible fix for it!
ADVICE: Instead of cutting the cable’s tip, try to clean its contacts first, with an eraser. Or steel wool. It can also work and you don’t have to “hurt” your cable too much.

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Darwinoo says:

simple but briliant!

ku rama says:

God bless you
It worked for me

Phil C says:

I've got this problem but I've decided to get a knew laptop.

brijeshkumar gupta says:

Thanks brother it helped me a lot
Thanks again and keep it up bro

Chidiebere Nwachukwu says:

the numeric keypad and the left and right arrow keys on my hp pavilion g7 not working what do i do about it

DrimsProduction says:

Greetings NatanTeam. Before I'm going to cut the cable.. May it fix the problem, where some of the keys suddenly stopped working? Like I had the problem with "E" key and sometimes it doesn't responded at all. But currently f2, f3, f4, 3, and E are dead.

Katelyn Osborn Juarez says:

The only 2 keys that work is o and p

Katelyn Osborn Juarez says:

This help alot im going to try it out

Wingit Projects says:

Worked! Thanks

Atharva Malji says:

Well I already cut almost half a cm and now only a little bit of it is left, I at first thought that the black coating on the end tracks are the problem so I scratched a few of them to reveal the metal below but now some of the keys are not working,
Also I have bought a replacement keyboard and it works too but it's kinda cheap and doesn't feel as good as the original.
Any way getting my life to normal?

Aze Ecle says:

I have concern. My laptop's keyboard was damage and I don't know how to repair it so I ended up puting super glue on it and the problem was the hard part of the residue of the glue was really bad. Help please! I don't know what to do.

China PROC says:

Me: fixes keyboard

parrisfrance says:

Wow thats bot simple

IrmsGamingz says:

my laptop keep spamming qqqqqqq helpppp

P. Walker says:

I tried cleaning the leads and it worked for about a day then the same keys stopped working. So I tried you solution and bingo it continues to work! Thanks!

Rida Tanoli says:

how to fix my keyboard hp? when I type anything or any alphabet, it's typing multiple keys along with that keys , for example ,I type , 'h' it will automatically capslock key turn on n type like '3hci' ,, how to fix this problem , please please please please please please help me.

Mark Khz says:

3,e, and caplock key is not working in asus laptop help?

Travis Arthur says:

After I did it only one of my key is working. Should I cut some more or what ?

TheRedGamerDamion says:

What if SOME keys work, but not the ones, like Enter, or W and all that?

LuigiAndMarika Celdran says:


Mike Li says:

It works greatly for me

sister tag Lama says:

My keyboard keys are not working the caps lock button light up when I click the caps lock key of on screen keyboard please help me 😖😖😖😖😖😖

GameSkull says:

i cut 1 mm of my cable and now my keyboard is not working at all, PLS HELP!

Joshua Cotoner says:

sir my keyboard only the CTRL is not working i did the update still not working -ASUS

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