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Easy Fix Recovery Mode Loop OR iTunes Logo on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

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How to Fix recovery mode loop on iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch. It works on iOS 8/9/10.

If you haven’t already watched my previous video on fixing recovery mode loop watch that video first and come back to this video again and follow this video.


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Download Link (Mac) :

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Thanks for watching ♥
– Abdul Moiz Farooq


Hyusein Hyusein says:

Really worked ! thanks mate!

Glenroy Clarke says:

that thing actually works thanks a lot man

chris the vloger and games says:

Bro it says that I need to pay $30 to use the PRO system. Apparently I need to " Operating System Repair " it first…..

Ana Lugo says:

this was super helpfull thank you!!!! it worked!

Tago Jones says:

It didnt work for Windows – it says your phone is not in normal mode

Tago Jones says:

The Mac version doesnt work for my IOS 10.6.8 – but the Windows version does. Can we get a link for Mac that works?

ryan lopez says:

thanks man… you save my ass from spending a lot on imac service center… it really do work

Tieneeua S. says:

if I just restore my iPhone 5S will that take it out of recovery mode?

WJK says:

Tried the ReiBoot program but it did not work for my i5C… My i5C remains stuck in recovery mode 🙁 Interesting how at first the Apple update detects the serial # of my i5C but then as the update progresses, the Serial # disappears off the update screen for some odd reason and the Apple update says unkonw error (Code -1)? I hope Apple is aware of this issue… I run a small cell repair business and notice this has been happening a lot recently and is unbelievably frustrating }:(

Italo Kurts (ItaloKurts) says:

100% work *–

Raydog 97 says:

I have an iPhone 5C and it's stuck In recovery mode but above the iTunes logo it says support.apple.com/iphone/restore and still til this day I can't get it to update or restore.

Pav Sandhu says:

not working for my iphone 5

Random Animations says:

what if u don't have a computerrrrr

Reg McCormack says:

crap try it on a real locked iphone

Matthew M says:

hello, i try to restore my phone and it get stuck on "Waiting for Iphone". what can i do?

Ahmed Alnuaimi says:

Thank you

SwedishGamerBoy says:

you have to buy that to get full version and i cant exit recovery mode

felter4s23 says:

this is a scam for you to buy the entire program, it will place your phone on a loop so your are forced to buy the program..DONT DO IT

Satya Mohan Bhamidipati says:

Well done brother… very good job

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