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Easiest & Fastest way to Fix the iphone boot loop. No need to restore or Connect to iTunes.

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So Your Jailbroken iPhone is stuck at the Apple Logo, and will not boot any further. How to fix this? The more common method is plugging in the device into iTunes, and restoring it to either a previous backup or to default settings. But, many people get iTunes errors and cannot sync their Device with iTunes. Luckily, there is a much easier way to fix the “Boot Loop”.

**Confirmed** This method Works with iPhone 5 running iOS 6.0
** As long as you have mobile substrate 0.9.3997 or higher, this method should work. If you have recently used Cydia, chances are that you have a higher version, as this was released in mid 2012.

How to do it?

Step 1) Hold both the Home Button (The Button below your Screen with the Square inside of it) and the Sleep Button (Button above your Camera) for about 7-10 seconds. This will force your iPhone to Reset.

2) If you iPhone is charging, then it will restart by itself once the screen goes black. If it isn’t charging , then you have to power on your Device.

3) When it powers on, you should see the Apple Logo. As soon as you the Logo, you have to Press and Hold the Volume UP Button (+)

4) Continue Holding and don’t let go. It might be quick for some devices, it might be longer for others. It took me almost 5 minutes the first time I tried this, and I was about to give up, when it powered on.

5) Once your Device boots up, all your Cydia Tweaks will be disabled, and you will be able to go into Cydia, and remove the Package that is causing you problems. It is possible that the Package you recently installed is not compatible with your iPhone/OS, so try to uninstall the most recent one.


diamond king says:

Thank u do much Thank Thank u!!!!!!

XxxdrOgoN_09xxX says:

i already press the volume up button about 10 minutes, but nothing
happens….i have an iphone 5 (GLOBAL) on ios 8.1.2 and i jailbreaked wit
TaiG…need help please

odd future says:

MY Iphone 4s Has been acting up!
Whenever I put it on charge it begins to do the Apple logo thing
But it doesnt get stuck on it… It turns off for a second, then on,
Continusely! This only happens when I plug it in.
I have tried this method, I have tried a bunch of methods.
NOTHING! Im really scared! it charges when it is plugged but its stuck
on the on/off It is driving me NUTS!
We even bought a new charger! ! My family do not realize how serious this
is and think that I can fix it…. I honestly
lost hope now! can someone PLEASE help

Lopes123 says:

I am jailbroken on pangu 8.1 and I installed a tweak called “dimmer.”

After I installed I hit restart springboard and it never respringed. After
trying to restore on item and failing, I found this video. It worked
flawlessly, I was still jailbroken and all my data is saved. Thanks!

CR80442 says:


Geno Moore says:

your awesome sauce, anyone that disputes that tell them to find me…. i
took my iphone4 to the genius lab. i had the white apple of death
cycle…and my power button is broken, this hot chic took my phone and i
was so worried about the phone i didnt even try to hit on her or anything
thats how bad i needed to save my phone. Less than 20 minutes later she
comes back and tells me they tried everything but could not fix it,,,Now i
didnt black out on her cuz tho i was concerned about my phone , she was
really hot. So she then goes on to tell me how i can pay 150 to get a ‘new’
4 not even like a 4S or even a 5 a refurbed 4…. long story short i came
home and in less than 20 mins your advice fixed it number 5 was the
saviour… like i said before . . . awesome sauce

Peter Lavery says:

Thank you for that demo it worked a treat saving me a bill

Agaerh AEGb says:

Hey guys, so after you do this process and you’ve gotten your phone to turn
back on, all your tweaks will be disabled. To re-enable them, do these two
1. First, Go to Cydia and delete that tweak that was causing you problems.
2. Restart your phone by holding the power button and home button. (Do not
restart your SpringBoard, it will not work)
As simple as that. You should have all your tweaks back after that. Good

BrokeTheInterweb says:

Thank you so much for this vid. Worked on my 5s running the 8.1 Pangu

azz bo says:

Big thumbs up from me it worked on my iphone 4s took a little longer when
holdng vol button then i thought so hang in there guys thanks UPLOADER :)

Daniel Knight says:

You’re – the – best.

Agustin Fitipaldi says:

Thank you soooooooooooo much! Now my phone is working again, but none of
its data was deleted, weird… but anyways I am gratefull!

Hopey Broadway says:

My iPhone 5c works for 4hours then glitches for two hours and it won’t stop
doing that idk what is wrong with it but I will try this method when it
happens again in the next four hours. Thanks a lot for the video if it

Josh Z says:

somebody help me does this work with the ipod 4th gen running ios 6.1 i
just bought my device, and dont have the source computer, does anyone know
how i can fix my boot loop i dont think this method will work for me and i
have a lot of space on my computer for installs if thats what i need

Ruby Perez says:

How do I get cydia back man I lost it fuck u u never mentioned it erases
jailbreak dislike button clicked

Adrian Needham says:

Legend thanks for helping it worked my iPad started up 😀 thanks very much 

michaellux13 says:

I tried this and the itunes logo just came up even though I didn’t have it
plugged into the computer can someone offer a solution to this?

frances erin says:

can I use volume down buttons? because my volume up buttons are not

Stevie Houston says:

Kiss your hand 5 times repost this comment then look under your pillows and
there should be a pink iphone

Krish Bedi says:

Thank u soooooo much
I was trying my ss out and this finally worked
Thank u sooooo muchhhh
1 like 1 subscribe +

Kamal Jham says:

thank youuuuuuuuuuu . you saved all my photosss !!!!!!

Jessica Singleton says:

You’re a Genius!!! Thank you! Making sure I back up my phone this time tho

Michael Fiallos says:

thank you so much i was looking for help for 1 hour 8)

Emily Chu says:

Does this only work on jailbroken phones? Cuz my phone isn’t working with
this technique nor is it jail broken.

Kyle Zamuel says:

Oh tnxxx it works!!! Tnxx for ur very wonderful video!!

Wolfram N1nja says:


Alonso Trujillo says:

my ipad air shows the apple log but in the bottom it has the process bar
and it wont load at all plz can anyone help me i have tried recovery mode
and this too but nothing is working i need help ASAP :(

DragonShark123 says:

Thank you
my ipad was stuck and i thought it was hopless but you helped me thank you
so much you just earned a sub

levhsoj2 says:

does this work with iphone 6 too?

Vanna Valentine says:

Thank you so much for this video! It worked perfectly for my Ipod touch 5th

bodizapha72 says:

Although after this happened when I try and install cydia tweaks it doesn’t
even download into my device. Please help?

Cold Killa says:

Thank you!!!

saj k says:

this works!! thank you so much !!!


Dude I love u thanks hahah

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