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Do Not Start a Computer Repair Business

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Rasim from Rasmurtech.com talks about computer repair businesses and why he thinks you should not try to start one. He talks about his computer repair business and why he did not get any clients.


WannaB75 says:

what kind of camera are you using

Joshua's Recordings says:

What about computer/electronic repair/recycling??? I am awesome with both!

IlyasWidaad says:

because you didn’t get any hits on your ‘craigslist’ ads, doesn’t mean
people don’t want their computers fixed. I have a computer repair business
and I get 3 customers per day, but I charge only a flat rate, no hourly.
People love that. And btw, comptuers are pretty much the same price they
were 10 years ago, except they made some computers dirt cheap, which I
woudl not recommend buying. stick to the pc’s that are in the 700-1000
dollar range. 

travis whitcher says:

F*** the computers its all tablets now thats y i dont do it anymore no one
calls me cuz they all have tablets:(

Derreck Ogden says:

The computer repair business CAN be a lucrative venture IF you know what
you are doing! Starting a tech business is a great investment if this is
your choice for career path. “Computer Repair” isn’t just fixing broken
computers. When the average person searches for a computer repair company,
they view the term “computer repair” as any sort of help they may need to
properly use their computer or make it work properly. This covers many
different types of services and tasks. I strongly doubt that anyone is
going to throw away their laptop because it gets a virus, so SOMEBODY is
going to have to fix it. At http://www.techbusinesskit.com we have a system
and instructional manual that will help you get your business started up

tighmir says:

Well, my customers don’t have $300-400 to buy a new computer, so why not
pay me $65-100 in labor to fix it? Or to clean viruses or recover files…
I also offer refurbished computers. In April, I will be pushing that even
more. It’s not dead…

Zinc tek says:

Totally wrong. been in the game for 11 years now. business is still going
strong. get from 20 to 50 computers a week in our shop in the UK. Computers
still need repairing. also macs do too. if someone buys a brand new laptop
or pc for £300 and they get a virus and it wont boot? will they go spend
another £300 or go to a tech shop and spend from £30 to £50 to have it

You have just failed at starting a business and didnt put time and alot of
HARD WORK in to getting a comp repair business up and running. Flyers and
business cards and craiglist wont work!!!!

Jason Pogany says:

Wow. You are very wrong. I started my computer repair business three years
ago. I am doing great. I have about 600 regular customers. Win xp and vista
repairs are not dead lol. Anybody watching this video, this guy failed and
gave up. Keep pushing. You can do it. I have incorporated cell phone repair
into my business as well. I usually make 150 to 300 daily. Thats 7 days per

tom bruton says:

I think its wrong to say dont start this sort of business, but people
should be realistic to how much of a challenge it will be and how much
competition there is out there.

Dire Straits says:

The problem is that YOU shouldn’t start ANY business. Even listening to
your talk about service contracts is a big facepalm. You just stated every
“pizza-tech” reason and strategy in the book. You just focused on the
break/fix aspect of it and said it’s dead or go with business service
contracts. You just missed a million miles of territory in that
discussion. People have been throwing away and replacing since the 90’s,
that has always been true with the low end which if you are looking to be a
break/fix provider you want to avoid at all costs. However, I get about 8
calls a week for iphone (or other smartphone) screen replacement and that
is the very definition of throw-away technology. The problem you ran into
is not the market but your approach.

vladyerus says:

The number one thing that customers don’t want to do is “BUY a new
computer” they are reluctant to do that because they realize it will be
more hassle and possibility of losing information & programs if it is not
done correctly. plus the price charge that the big box stores charge to do
this for them. You sir failed at your business for whatever reason.
Business contracts are one aspect of a computer repair business, if you
failed the personal touch but succeeded in the business contract than good
for you but don’t be telling people that they should not start a computer
repair business based off of your failed adventures.

Robert Cookson says:

Lets start with the way your dressed not very professional. The speech is
not helping either sounds ghetto/gangsta I not letting you near my life

Andy Bradley says:

complete and utter bullshit here ….. don’t know where you went wrong but
its anything but dead, rewind back 10 yrs, a family shared one desktop
computer which was hardly ever moved, didn’t get dropped and was reliable
compared to whats around today. Now a family could have 5 people, all with
shared desktop, a laptop/or netbook each, smart phones and tablets, which
all get abused, dropped, damaged or lost and stolen. the market today is
20x bigger than it was 10 yrs ago, there is plenty of work out there, you
just have to be competitive and good at it.

NetPC MD - Computer Virus Repair and Remote Virus Removal says:

Did you remove my comment?

Ben Wheeler says:

Good advise… You need to do the business exclusively and not much
bearers to entry. It can be cheaper to just replace the computer every
other year.

Chris Caley says:

Totally Correct That Man. TOP MARKS.

I’m of the experience that it has nothing to do with the size of the
current market place, (as per the response from a certain gamer below) but
more to do with the ratio of repair time over equipment cost.

Here is an example situation that happens far too often to us guys.

Mr x has dropped his laptop, which was switched on when he dropped it, he
bought this laptop some years back, which he can’t even remember where he
bought it from. Point is he wants me to fix it with my magical.. almost
mythical and miraculous technical skills and he wants everything the way it
was, all the software configured, security set-up etc etc.. You know what
I’m talking about here.

I tell him that he doesn’t have an operating system because his HDD is dead
as a dodo and he has no backup disks what-so-ever the sticker under the
computer is worn and unintelligible, so a replacement operating system is
needed… win7pro @ £120 + Replacement HDD @ £50 + £200 for 4-5hrs of my
time to logistically organise and produce the end product of a finished
repair to the satisfaction of Mr x.

The truth is Mr x should go and buy a new laptop. Why??????

Here’s the maths. 120+50+200=370=just buy a new laptop

Now please don’t slate me for picking a scenario that is deemed uncommon. I
am just saying what is my experience and I see a lot of MrX’s in one form
or another. Maybe I’m not ruthless enough to convince someone to pay for a
repair that isn’t actually in their best interests. That maybe so. But for
me, it’s simple. Home computer support is a charity now. My evidence and
experience suggests strongly that the video author is true

If you don’t believe me, then go out there and do it for yourself… just
make sure you come back and tell us how you did it.

sixwingcomputerrepair says:

do people like to know why my business succeeds when others don’t. it is
because my highest labor i $100 flat rate to replace a laptop mother board
and desktop labor will never be more than 80 that guy who tries to says the
business is dead is usually the guy who wants to charge 100-200 dollars to
take out a virus. the reason no one wants to get it fixed is because of
those kind of people. however he is right about one thing without those
service contracts you wont make it however before you can do service
contracts you have to start in basic repair and grow in that direction once
people know your name well enough to contact you about the contracts. also
it helps to have a family that is known for honest cheap and excellent work
in any field in your town. however i can not speak for the big city’s were
i live people want it fixed not replaced. i f you are wondering why no
contract you wont make it is true it is because if you don’t have those you
could crash and burn because you don’t have enough people with problems
coming in. this is a big problem especially where i live.

Andrew Wagner says:

I have established a handful of repeat customers, and I have a yard sign
for my repair business, a website, a Facebook Fan Page, and car magnets. I
do have to compete with Geek Squad, Milwaukee PC, Office Max and another
local shop. I have them beat on price, with a flat labor charge of $50. I
don’t know how to best advertise offline to get my own share of customers
though. Direct Mail? Radio?

Preston Biggs says:

Great. I agree. Who did your contract?

xxxHacker4Hirexxx Computer Repair says:

As for me I’ve been in business for about 20 years. I’ve had up to four
Locations but not all in one time. These days I sell parts online,affilate
market,data recovery,online support, Most of all sitting on your ass
waiting for simple reloads for a fast buck is over.. But these days it is
easy to sell a clone new in the Box.,Plus I Buy Non Working Laptops From
The Public. This is a Great Way to Get High End Parts For The Low Low..
20.00 to 40.00 For Non Working.. Yes the Computer Repair Business Dying
Just Like VCR Repair.,But there Will Be Something New Right Around The
Corner. Software ,Apps? 

OnNOn shaqa says:

Yeah, Kill the competition..lol. 

Alysa Norris says:

you are a fucking liar I have been in repair for a while and all you need
is a brain and experience I got on the side clientele from working at micro
center which is one of the leading repair facilities in my area and more
people will lay out hundreds of dollars to fix a dinosaur running windows
XP than buy a new computer… I used to fix 30+ pc’s a day most of which
were OLD and a waste of time and banked on it so now I am starting my own
from home business don’t listen to this guy just understand how to do the
work and effectively market yourself in your neighborhood.

Laptop Repair Data says:

Looking at business

Tony Carlozzi says:

You need to hustle more and forget Craigslist there is much money in it do
not listen to this guy I have done very well doing onsite technical
support for small business and home owners.

KarL Stroud says:

Computers are just too damned inexpensive and there’s not the same kind of
money involved in repairing them as there used to be. People just buy new
ones. You’re also competing with kids in college and high school whose
parents are paying for their room and board; these guys are just looking
for extra spending money and they can always underbid you.

There’s also A LOT of brick and mortar repair shops that have been around
since the 90s, even if you don’t notice them. Open the phone book if you
don’t believe me (and you can still find a phone book). Computer repairs
are something you do on the side and if it really picks up (and it might)
then sure, try to expand.

Flyers and Craigslist are better than nothing but not by much. Google
Adwords by zip code is your best bet; terms like Computer Repair tend to
cost about $0.15 a click or less. But at the same time there’s no one
advertising route.

Craigslist and flyers are cheap, door-to-door is a joke and Google Adwords
is a great use of time and money. Another super-effective way to market a
part-time business is add your business name, services offered and phone
number to your car. This is temporary and people can do it really cheap
and its one of the most cost effective forms of local advertising out there.

In this order this is how you want to advertise something like a part-time
computer repair business. By the way, I used Google Adwords a couple of
years ago to max out my referral bonus on several services like Dropbox.
Its not complicated.

1 Car Ads
2 Googe Adwords (link to your website duh)
3 Craigslist
4 Flyers

Travis S says:

mofo cause u suck and thats brutally honest and you dont know what your
doing i been on craigslist for 7 years from when i got out of school. they
want to fix em now, cause those cheap computers are just that cheap, your
like all the noobs who dont know what to do and what they tell to say in a
school environment ” it’s easier to replace then fix it” bs contact me bro
and i will show you how to get it right this time. lol 

Priyo Kumar says:

Very funny line. I have been in this so called computer repairing and
maintenance business for more than 20 years and I am quite happy with that.
Even I have opened more and more branches. All people are not expert when
it comes to fix computer problems whether hardware or software. Most of us
need service backup whenever something goes wrong. If you really help
people to solve there problems and if you do it sincerely, people won’t
mind paying you a reasonable amount for the work you have done for them.
Remember, whatever you believe is true for you.

Albert Melen says:

I can’t believe that you FAILED and think everybody will! I started 5
months ago and i am up to my 2nd location ECRANMONTREAL com

dabigisland1 says:

thanks for the advice-thumbs up-just starting to repair, think you are
mostly right, will concentrate on recovering data 

Ghostman80 says:

So is getting your A+ then just a huge waste of time?

joe dunleavy says:

Seems like a nice guy but don’t listen to this bullshit for one second.
Just because this guy has excepted his failure and has given up doesn’t
mean that you should not follow your passion and get into the computer
repair business. Just make sure you roll with the changes and keep
educating yourself on new technologies stay on top of the trends and keep
adjusting your business. That’s the mindset you need if you want to get
into a technology industry. And be persistent

Jonathan Coffey says:

Nice statistics and references to back up your theory that computer repair
shops are dying. You have to have a market for it, you can’t just start a
shop and expect people to beat a path to your door, even if you are the
latest and greatest tech in your town. It sounded more like “Don’t do it
because I failed, if I failed, you’ll definitely fail because I’m better
than you”. 

Believe6 says:

Honestly. Please don’t give this guy a grain of rice of thought. He wants
to pawn his negative results on others. Another route is he may just be
discouraging you from pursuing something to slice the market.

Whatever the case. I would not come to him for work. Get trained, set a
goal, make a plan to achieve your goal, and move on with your life.

spaceorbison says:

if computers are $400 why would it make more sense to buy a new one rather
than pay 100$ to fix your current one…

xMCL0VINx says:

Why can’t you have your cake and eat it? Make your computer repair business
and offer IT contracts and if you are starting, advertise to small
businesses with competitive pricing, maybe even add a service to build
custom desktop computers for both businesses and for individuals. That
might keep your business afloat.

Truthman OneTwenty says:

The best time for computer repair was the mid to late 90’s. Back when only
rich people owned a computer. You could charge them as much as you wanted
and they’d pay it.

Christopher Flood says:

Complete untruth I have hundreds of customers in raleigh, nc

obliquedirect says:

You are wrong, everything you said is wrong, you must have been doing
everything wrong! People DO want their computer fixed these days, I get
plenty of customers and I fix lots of computers and earn lots of money, so
DO YES start a computer repair business, you just need to do it right, not
like this clown.

AnonymousApex says:

yhea what you said XD

Rasim Muratovic says:

I’m glad its working out for you.

tighmir says:

Meh I still have people asking me to replace the screen on their laptops…
Computers may be getting cheaper but so are the parts, so that allows me to
charge them less than I would say five years ago

Rasim Muratovic says:

I glad things are working out for you, I’m just trying to be honest with
everyone. (1) Computer repair was one of the most profitable businesses
around. You have to remember 10 to 15 years ago the cheapest computer was
around was like 1500 dollars and if it broke it was worth taking to a
computer repair shop to get fixed for like $200. Now you can buy a brand
new top of the line computer for like $400 and if it broke it would make
more sense to buy a new one.

Rasim Muratovic says:

I totally agree, The Windows XP and the Windows Vista era are over. The
computer repair business is great for teens that want to make some extra
money on the side, but if you are a business with overhead it will be a
complete waste of time and money.

GenCollado says:

Wow, I used to do the same exact thing, post ads on Craigslist, go to
people’s houses. For what? For people who wanted their computers repaired
for $30-40? To make a livable wage, you’d have to service about 20 clients
a WEEK. There is no way that happens anymore. Computer repair is the
biggest hassle business there is. It’s fine if you are a 14 year old and
have no expenses. There is way more money in tech to be made, rather than
doing computer repair..

Rasim Muratovic says:

(2) When Windows 98, Window XP and Windows 2000 were out it was a gold mine
for computer repair business the OS would always crash and slow down from a
virus. Everyone back then was taking there computer to the repair shop to
get fixed and computer repair shops made so much money. Now we have Windows
7 and Windows 8 which are extremely stable and don’t crash as much. I am
not trying to discourage anyone, I’m just tring to give everyone the best
advice I can.

Jeremy Roberts says:

Your kinda right about the pricing but my computer repair business is
booming with work you can only make about 120$ a job but its most about
helping the customers at the same time. And all the newer OS aren’t stable
at all! I’ve been doing computer repair for 16 yrs now….Windows 7 is the
only thing worth a shit….Vista and 8 are a joke! and they do crash
sometime for the dumbest things. They also claim they can repair themselfs
but its messed up more then it fixes.

vinesh segobin says:

what the hell

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