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Dell Optiplex3011AIO – no power, motherboard repair

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A easy one this time, freezing spray made my job very pleasant.
Flux: https://youtu.be/9xk76e7nzcw
Tools: https://youtu.be/KZ4be5-MUZU
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/electronicsrepairschool


Lungster King says:


I used a Friend's charger that output +30V & 333mA on my Toshiba laptop. its original charger outputs 19V & 2.37A.

The laptop died on the spot. The laptop does not charge anymore even with the original charger., no charging light, does not boot, nothing!

could this have completely killed it?

Nishad Thaliyaril says:

wow wonder full job

hery yanto says:

Wow… Amazing

Arc Abominationist says:

hello, my boyfriends omen hp laptop has 3 stripped screws connected to the x clamps holding in the heatsink. we think we are going to have to get a dermal and turn the screws into a flathead one. to get them out. we tried a bunch of different things and nothing has worked, can you help or anyone have any ideas?

Daniel Night says:

Why you don't mount new capacitor ?

Anthony chandler says:

Big fun of your work 👍

Geri com says:

Best wishes to you from morocco

ady adi says:

I look at you with great interest and I'm waiting for a new video 😀 thank you !!!

omousek says:

good job master!!!

Albert Carlos says:

Best Tech Ever,,,, You are Star

squirt lover says:

I Like the way you repair the things!So straight, easy to understand and so practical with no schematics of course!Thank you!!

MrRvdbeek says:

You have a new smoker. Fire smoke 💨 alarms are ringing 😂
Nice freezing spray fix can you do it the old way. And how did you find the cab that way whiteout 🥶 freezing

Gerard Garcia says:

If you are replacing the capacitor would it have a positive and negative and how would you know?

Cosmin Gabriel says:

Am o problema cu un laptop sony vaio, din cate vad se pare are scurt pe ground, cand conectez incarcator acesta taie curentul, banuiesc sa se protejeze de scurt, dar cum as putea afla unde este scurtul fara o sursa care sa nu aiba protectie?

Constantin Ionescu says:

good video.sorin i think i sow almost all your videos , i read many peoples comments and i know they love you sir.YOU are an amazing guy.i watched many channels of computer repair and nobody do it like you ,its a pleasure to watch you and have a learning experience.Da sorin este adevarat ,am pus in engleza sa inteleaga toti. LOCUIESC in Allentown Pa, USA. si urmaresc cu mare satisfactie your videos.Multumesc mult pentru tot ce faci.

Jermaine Ortiz says:

Found a shorted cap like that on a 65 in Samsung smart TV

Aleksandar Stevanovic says:

Professionally as always.

Angriest Loner Productions says:

Tremendous lesson Sorin, especially the breakdown shortly after the 7-minute mark. Thank you so much for everything.

Six says:

Mr. Sorin, please make a video on building a power supply on the cheap. maybe with step up converters. so we can amp motherboards like u :). tnx. u promised that on an older video. tnx

YT7RR says:

Merge fumul ca din locomotiva , salut Sorine si spor la munca !!

Jeff Cole says:

Just wanted to add something for a cheap substitute for freeze spray for everyone who doesn't want to spend the ridiculous amounts of money on a frequent use. It's called Poop Freeze for freezing dog poo and is from a cheap discount store for £1.99, 150ml. I know the £10 400ml works slightly better but I though it might help. That's not easy that was great, needed good eyes with the freeze, excellent bit of searching Sherlock. Show's the need of a decent bench power supply as part of your diagnostics tools with also experience. Nice one.

gregoriobalaoing balaoing says:

do you wont to buy the best quality screwdriver kc tools made in gemany

Sylvester Senegal says:

I have the LEAKSEEKER 89 and it works well on some boards but very flaky on others. I think I will try this method next time.Very good work!

Julian Gardner-Hobbs says:

A new Senpai Sorin video always makes my day a little better. Thank you!

Kyaw ThuWin says:

Thanks for your learning

Jay Bojorquez says:

Where can I send you laptop for fixing?????

Varun Panikar says:

electronics beginner lessons are gone

iftikhar Hussain says:

Sorin it would be great if you could start repairing graphics card,there is huge demand for it and you can earn double the money what you are earning now.

PointSix Airsoft says:

Where is your shop located, i need help with a laptop.

Aualas says:

Thank you to share one more video. Your videos are very instructive and I hope it help a lot of technician over the world that watch it. Thank you!!

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