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Dell Laptop Won’t Turn On?? Quick and Easy Fix!!

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If your dell laptop won’t turn on, try this quick and easy fix before you go out spending money on a new one. Thanks for watching and I hope this helped!


Destiny β€’ DerpyPotato says:

The bottom on mine won’t come off

Saatvik Padhihari says:

Thanks bro you are the greatest πŸ˜₯

lay christina says:

hey nice video and explained it very well but the same issue is being faced by me and one my colleague helped me in solving these issue, provided me with the number 1877-587-1877 where team are the experts in providing best possible solution in solving the query and they have helped me solving it in no time .

shazmina karim says:

Thank you bother, your trick really works .may ALLAH bless you.ameen

jennifer last says:

thank you for sharing this video and it is presented so well but one of friend have shared this number 1877-587-1877 , the team solved my problem in no time

Jacky Tonny says:

( Call – 1 855 837 9963 ) if You are unable to fix dell button not working or other laptop then call toll free number which is available 24/7.

WWE Kids says:

please need help froom boost back pleaseeeeee . it turned on and then after some time it turned off and by repeating the process it doesnt turned on

WWE Kids says:

it turned o and then it again turned offf

WWE Kids says:

i am so happy

Nicco DeAbreu says:

Brother I hope you're still active. I have the literal same exact laptop. Last night while I was watching YouTube an update prompted me to update. Restarted it. Finished and turned back on. Computer started acting weird ever since. Then when I restarted it trying to correct the issue, it booted up to saying "error" on a new windows 10 blue screen saying the MSCONFIG Boot something was messed up. It restarted to automatically correct the problem. I was simultaneously having internet issues so when it went to auto update the firmware it said "failed to update firmware" and got stuck in an infinite boot sequence between the Dell logo and "automatic update failed" restarting over and over. Finally I force shut it down. That put it all to shit. Now it sits there auto booting into just the black backlight LED screen then right off again. Over and over. I tried SEVERAL times resetting it this way. Longer. Over night. Battery out. Small watch type battery out. Everyrhing. It keeps rebooting into the loop. The thing that pisses me off is EVERYTHING WAS FINE BEFORE THIS SHITTY WINDOWS UPDATE. I've never had one issue with this laptop. Please man. If you are around please any insight on what to do next… I have searched everywhere and can't find an answwer. I don't have the money to bring it in. I'm pretty tech savvy and have never seen this before. I don't know what to do.

Rayaz Khan says:

hi sir actually yesterday I was using internet on my dell inspiron 3558 and my laptop got some updates so when I tried to shut down my laptop after some use I got 3 options when turning off laptop one were Sleep and second was Update and shutdown and third was Update and restart but I did update and shutdown so it turned off and and when at the very same time I tried to open it again it didn't opened completely it was opening for just for a few seconds and again shutting down and was not also completely opening almost 5 times happened but then I fixed somehow I got this problem before a couple of months also please help

Julie Paul says:

This is a new Dell Desktop/Laptop Helpline Number Call on 1 888 551 2881

Aldrin Yumul says:

You save my life fellah.. thank you 😊😎

Gafoor Gafoor says:

sir i use dell inspiron n5110 laptop
8 beep sound will come when i open my laptop
but its boot to windows but its beep sound is not stop

Donatas Martunas says:

Ok, but tell me the reason?? it happens two times a day. system diag shows no keyboard plugged, c’mon . how to solve the problem you are showing about

Silverlight545 says:

This worked amazingly!!! Thank you so so much!!!!

Final Cartoon says:

gon try this on my dell laditide 5480

Julie Paul says:

This is a new Dell Desktop/Laptop Helpline Number Call on 1 888 551 2881

Sherlonic X-Aid says:

Jugs fixed it with this method many thanks

Judy Wargo says:

I have a Dell Inspiron when I turned it off it worked fine .. next morning I try to turn it on it beeps repeatedly 3 times but won't power on ??

I Am Groot says:

Saved my life πŸ˜‚

melinda hoskins says:

like to thank you for this video a lot of people would have thrown there computer away and bought a new one tried your suggestion on mine and it worked like a champ came right on so thanks again to you and everyone else that does these videos and helps people fix things all of you are the best thanks again fixitgirl

Angel Caceres says:


samaa baloch says:

I have a acer laptop. Will that work on mine too???

4o4olinka 94 says:

I tried on my DELL Inspiron 15 but its still no working. Few days ago when i wanted to turn on it its was a sound like pi pi pi and it turned of self. What can my problem be. My charger works but its not charging the laptop. Pls help πŸ™

Esmeralda24'7.__. says:

I will try this if it works BRUH BESS U! I will try this now!

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