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Dead PC Diagnosis and Repair

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Carey shows you how to diagnose and repair a PC that is completely dead, and explains every step along the way, all within this 22 minute video. Enjoy!

The Healthy PC:

Tech-Vets (Carey’s Free Weekly Podcast!):

Links to the free applications mentioned in this video include:

(I recommend the portable version of this software)

Crystal Disk Info:
(I recommend the portable version of this software)

(click the FREE DOWNLOAD link on this page)

Microsoft Security Essentials (free antivirus from Microsoft):


(I recommend the portable ‘no installation’ download, offered as a ZIP file on the right side of the page).

PC Fixer:

Remove Nasty Junkware and Toolbars From Computer:

And remember: “Power supplies aren’t funny!” 🙂

See more of Carey’s video’s here:


HelenS Crazyworld says:

Going to try to fix my sons computer. I don’t want to spend money on a new
computer. ordering a new power supply for nineteen dollars. I really hope
this works. 

Henrique Loureiro says:

2160p 4K.. 2012.. whats wrong with youtube?

Saitham says:

9:20 Badass Carey :)

Er. Shariq Ahmad says:

Dead PC Diagnosis & Repair.

menahem gadka says:

thanks a lot

Paul Leon says:

possibly a bad cap

gingataisen says:

Gun targets!

Er. Shariq Ahmad says:

Dead PC Repair & Diagnosis & Repair.

GeeglePlus Suuxx says:

Electric screwdriver = great, avoids carpal tunnel in your hands…

Er. Shariq Ahmad says:

Dead PC Diagnosis & Repair.

walldoo99 . says:

thanks for in info on crystal disk. I now see I need to replace my external
seagate.That sucks but is good to know

Ironbutterfly says:

This is great! Very informative. Thank you.

CareyHolzman says:

@MrDusto88 Please listen to my podcast – you can hear it for free at
Tech-Vets. We’ve already discussed this and other software and web-sites,
so be sure to listen to the past shows.

blokeyface says:

Self contained liquid coolers are highly overrated anyway

Aqil1981 says:

You are best

walldoo99 . says:

LOL the dogs didn’t like that at all when you blew it out. I never thought
of using a leaf blower.

barnabyray says:

🙂 this is what i used to do at my old job… not my thing lol.

Surells says:

Interesting, makes me think might be useful to keep some parts of the old
PC for troubleshooting in future.

Guyfromhe says:

You can use a multimeter… Most people with any electronics experience
have one of those.

TheYhano says:

You’re totally amazing!!

CareyHolzman says:

@TheRanblingjohnny No, most users I run into need software that only runs
on windows and they don’t want or don’t have the time to learn something

Michael Kane says:

Carey, what a great video. I hope you keep up the great work. Mick.
Belfast. Northern Ireland

GodsMan500 says:

@TheYhano Carey is “Bi-Winning”!

Tejas Rajpurkar says:

u are really helping us all thanks a lot upload more vids

Angela K. says:

Thank you so much, I’ve had numerous PC’s over the years and never opened
any of them up because of fear and no need. But when my PC would not do
anything at all I got on my tablet and found this video! It eased my fears
and a $40 PSU later I was in business. Your help was spot on, thank you

Jaanzter says:

Nice german sheppard. 🙂

loopy Ruane says:

yet again great advice, keep going carey ! you are a genius !

Zak smith says:

your dogs hate your leaf blower. lol.

hwally777 says:

just subscribed. Very informative and easy to understand. Thank you.

joshrawks21 says:

Thanks I’m use the links as my laptop is 3 years old but doesn’t run as
fast as before I’m guessing it’s the temp files and other junk that has
gather up

Reid Pohland says:

Holy crap I had a computer exactly like this and it broke.

TheYhano says:

@123frickster1 I think he’s a big fan of Charlie Sheen. I saw Charlie Sheen
wore that shirt on 2 and a half men.

ponderlicious says:

I like your style! Really concise and practical.

RedRocker9957 says:

I think this is my problem. Thank you, youtube! (and you, Carey, of
course.) [dead power supply]

HCkev says:

Get a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus heatsink, it’s like $25 and provide very
good cooling for overclocking.

Keith Koch says:

What you do for your customer is awesome. I don’t get paid by the hour and
with limited staff, every time we fix something we try to fix other
potential stuff so we can have time to support other user.

Chaandi San says:

Great vid!

CareyHolzman says:

That’s great! Thanks for letting me know!

MrLOKGamer says:

Wow it’s my dream to work in the computing industry but I just wasn’t sure
what aspect I wanted to work in but this really fascinated me and blew me

angrysquirrel11 says:

Dude, it’s so cool that you look like Steve Perry!

David Cantu says:

Ok, thanks 🙂

spydiarea45 says:

Yep i was waiting to see you unbox a new power supply and mention the watts

TheRanblingjohnny says:

Should you advice them to try a lightweight Linux Distro on those old rig?

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