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Dead HP Pavilion Computer – Simple Fix, Cost Nothing!

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When your HP computer will not turn on or power up, get a hair dryer and blow hot air into the fan opening of the power supply until the green blinking light stay solid (about 30 to 40 seconds). This is most likely a temporary fix until you can buy a new Power Supply (around $30 or salvage from other old computers) for replacement.


JiNN Thao says:

did that but still went right back to flashing again

Shelton Boone says:

saved me ! Thank You !

don bayan says:

It worked for my PC issue. It was turned off for about 2 days. I did this fix and like magic, the PC turned on. Thanks

Lola X says:

Hi m8t any tips on how 2 get rid of Reboot or select proper boot device? it's stuck on my pc & I can't log in or restore the windows software.

Jill Smith says:

This is a new Hp Desktop Helpline Number Call on 1 888 551 2881

David Grave says:

That's when you know you need a new power supply

Jill Smith says:

This is a new Hp Desktop Helpline Number Call on 1 888 551 2881

Mr_great_at _everything says:

You could hear anime at the end again

MrDanDroid says:

You just saved me a total nervous breakdown… Thanks mate. It worked.. Don't have a clue how or why, but it did. Whoop.

Asrar Malik says:

when i switch on the cpu fans start up but it doesnt boot up neither do i hear any beep sound like the one that i hear during start of normal boot….
what can be the problem

Marcelo Bravo says:

Ready to play Minecraft again !!!

The Card Plug says:

What about if I don't have a blinking light ?

valves says:

i have the same pc ,but the light isnt blinking and it still wouldnt turn on

charlemar charlemar says:

… and good music!

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