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Customer Service Laptop Repairs Roleplay (3D / Binaural ASMR)

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Says it all in the title. Enjoy your relaxation or sleep.

Background image used in this video: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeremylevinedesign/3640107485/in/photolist-6xEv8T-baYAc-63HoY-8REpqf-dVfECd-zKHs-jgsZ2f-aMX5ht-ziDjG-7W1dXu-dCJxbe-C1Crc-6BN2xs-j91Lon-ehZYsQ-MehU3-93vFrg-eVRgvR-4DKFGY-4m41TD-7vphit-7Qksrt-93J1VR-51zkT3-2kZDFC-s22nN-5YVCQa-anRu7x-wacWw-4gaXqn-n3TUou-zn6aw-7QYngX-3y5YnG-4m84rY-5m4QNL-j37VEb-7xLSfH-Cu7zR-8FFe5u-jMEQKu-fm5UXf-9eVfoQ-b5uRy-3eCSZw-8FBc7A-6jjA1P-7x41gk-93vf3n-bHEafM

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Stephen McAllister says:

All you had to do was take that Apple sticker off to fix it.

MrsKatie Parker says:

Does anyone know of any ASMR podcasts? 

Tony Bomboni (ASMRer) says:

Hey y’all. Enjoy this 43 minute detailed laptop repairs customer service
roleplay video, inspired by a couple of people’s ideas on Facebook. This
was also partly inspired by me, when I had problems with my laptop and had
to send it for repairs, but it wasn’t set up this nicely and I had to wait
much longer.. LOL! But this is a roleplay so yeah.. enjoy the imagination

MisterWin says:

I love that the haters never get you down. Your vids are relaxing as hell..

Quentin lightfly says:

Gaaayyyyy Kappa 🙂 ( im trolling m’kayy ? ) 

Tabuhan ASMR says:

That is very good work Tony ^^ Congrazz

NESherv says:

If you grow your hair out and shaved, you’d look a bit like Andrew

Mr. FuzzyNuts says:

What was wrong with the laptop?

DarkRoasted ManMeat says:

You are a peter parker. Just a peter parker, no better way to describe.
(Not a bad thing) 

ids van den Booren says:

Please make a vid ware you make me less scared of things people say tk you
Luke illuminadi or sutch things becouse even tho I know thay are fake Im
still afrade sometimes (I’m like realy scared beciuse of this illuminadi
thing it just freeks me out) <3

ben owen says:

uh, apple. leave it broken. One less to worry about.

Stephen McAllister says:

Apple logo on an Asus laptop. Epic Fail

Meefian says:

Tony… Are you wearing makeup..? :O

I thought you were on that challenge. Your skin was looking so nice! D:

You have no power here says:

I wish actual customer service was like this.
I get that it can be a boring, tiring and frustrating job, but when I
worked in that field, and I made the effort to be friendly and appear
interested even when I wasn’t, I found the customers often reciprocated
with kindness and patience.
Great ASMR as always :)

izumiasmr says:

мужской | ролплей | тихийГолос |
male | roleplay | softSpoken

Redchondro says:

Dear person reading this,
You are beautiful. God bless your soul.

PanZer GMan says:

God help me what did I just watch!!!! I only searched for laptop repair

jimmiequick says:

I would like to point out the lack of an ESD wrist strap during the
handling of this electronic equipment. In fact, the handling of all
computer equipment in this video is poor. Please do NOT call this guy to
work on your computer equipment. I highly doubt that this guy even has is
A+ COMPTIA certification.

Digging Deeper #01 says:

When I first heard the velcro being undone at 2:32 I was like “What is that
noise?” I didn’t know velcro could make such sounds. It probably sounded
much different because it was being done slowly.

ally black says:

“whats your password”
“ah uh”

SloppyPooBag . says:

This is why faggots don’t work in IT.

Hannah Dutson says:

This was so relaxing, I fell asleep to it :)

Bun Lusac says:

If I sent my laptop in for repairs and this is what went on I would want my
money back lol.

mikey farrell says:

how do you add that background to your videos?

Derek the Senpai says:

Right when the video hit 10:00 my left hand fell completely asleep, there’s
a big red smudge on it now, probably all the blood went to that spot,
because my fingertips are very numb.

Finn Hamilton says:

Right I’m a technician * pulls out drill* 


1:15 “just taking the time to admire your bag” when not looking at your
screen you will freak the hell out

Pinkie Pie says:

After finishing an ASMR video, this one shows up as a suggestion. I saw
your face and couldn’t help but click it, with that adorable face. Video
loads, and you talk. I couldn’t help but squee. You are absolutely
adorable! Such a perfect voice for ASMR. Keep up the good work, love.

Kat Shields says:

I’m sure that’s your bag and it’s so lovely I was wondering where you got
it? I’m sure you’ve gotten this a lot im sorry ;-;

songbird.792 says:

I am in love with your glasses. They look so good on you! Great video :]

Annabelle Bowman says:

You remember me on Peter park idk why!

Royal Pain says:
kyle edwards says:

Wow. Thank you very much. That was excellent. You are a very great person:)

Hunter MacIntyre says:

11:30 lol that’s what she said

matthew woolsey says:

+Zama442 be quiet and go get a girlfirend u lonerboner 

Islanders Hockey says:

I fall asleep to this every night. It’s to powerful! XD

Gaming774 says:

This videio was good but he was fixing his glasses ever 5 seconds for no
reason. In the first 2 minutes he fixed them 4 times. Its so annoying.

Akash Kumar says:

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at very affordable cost? then visit our website

Max Galaxy says:

I’m in the gay section aren’t i? 

zama422 says:

You have no idea how to actually fix a computer do you? 

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