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Crazy iPhone Repair Prank!

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We dress up as phone servicemen and find out what the job is like! -jarno

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ticki23 says:

That chick with the photos is pretty cute o.0

Crystal Alien says:

I once had a phone company look through my messages!

Sarge Borsch says:

So she wasn't using encryption for personal data? Also, did you encrypt the backups? This is both important questions. Encryption with a strong key must be used to protect data from those who should not read it.

5winder says:

This was really funny. Thank you, Dudesons. And may God bless you all.

sten 2403 says:


diego rodriguez says:

you guys played a wierd song towards the end.. i liked it .wheel of fortune.. like the piano.. prank was hilarious

Lockon Stratos says:

The Brits are so silly

Forever Young says:

tobe continued right????????????????????????????

Jacques Lavoie says:

Finnish people are hot!

Nire says:


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