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Computer Won’t Turn On – FIX

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In this video I demonstrate how simple and inexpensive it *CAN* be to fix a computer that won’t turn on.


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Krizzle Sizzle says:

Wish i knew this 10 years ago!!! Thanks again Carey.

brony4life1982 says:

Dang! Wished I had thought of changeing out that battery back in 2009, my dad owned the same computer and ended up getting a new one after it died.

Eagle Ales says:

cool video, uncle carey.

Soft Computeing Hod says:

so good video

DailyVlog.TV says:

I've been working on PC's since I was old enough to hold a screwdriver and I would've NEVER thought the BIOS battery could cause a motherboard not to start. Insane that a company with the reputation like Compaq (we all know it's absolutely wonderful – lol) would use a board with that "feature." Also, how many people watching this video remember pci dial-up modems?

swarfega says:

It pays to have a small stock of those batteries for such eventualities.

speedlolita says:

Managed to pick up a Z77 Mini ITX board on eBay for £23 which was listed as faulty. New CR2032 and it was working just fine. 🙂

like a rock says:

GREAT video!!!! simple easy fix.hundred thumbs up!

Glenn says:

Love those older computers they just seemed more robust in design and it always felt like you where getting valve for your money .

SultanOfAwesome says:

Carey has really stepped up his editing and video quality. Good job!

ACOnetwork says:

Hehehe interesting. I've never come across a motherboard, that will not start up with dead battery. Thanks for the info =)

Ijaz Ahmad says:

thanks a lot.

Sergio Muñiz says:

these videos always helpful

SuperFIFTHGEAR says:

2007 and that still had a Pentium 4? I thought Pentium 4 CPUs were phased out around 2005/2006?

Jaw Moti says:

Just this weekend I had an interesting one. Wouldn't boot at all. It took me about half an hour before I realized I made a newbie mistake…. The CMOS jumper had been placed, and left, in the 'clear' position. Once I put it back, machine booted with no problems.

Slan Wallander says:

These are my favourite Carey videos -I would like to see more of this instructional and entertaining  repair content .

CallardAndBowser says:

Carey, I've always wondered why mobo manufactures can't do away with that coin battery for the bios. Can't some kind of flash memory be used instead?

John borg says:

WOW,Carey I never heard a battery can course a computer to malfunction,is it all motherboards
Thanks again

Alexander McKay says:

Holy crap! So easy, so simple. Damn, thanks Carey.

Sikandar Durrani says:

Seeing the Presario brings back memory of supporting Compaq computers.

Robert Symonds says:

Interesting, thanks for the video, I have never seen this before that the CMOS battery being dead would cause the system not to turn on…

slovokia says:

Thanks for the info. Very useful.

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