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Computer won’t turn on easy fix

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This fix may not work long term – it has worked for me so far but can’t guarantee it will work forever.
Update: This problem has since fixed itself after I changed my graphics card (i.e. I didn’t need to do this anymore).


Lucy Tunes says:

My computer downtimes turns on and sometimes doesn't. Occasionally if I shake it around it will turn on, but I don't want to damage my computer. What do I do?

Tere Kere says:

Dude wtf:D i thought u are trolling in this video and then i tried it and it really worked hahaha nice one.

GameCubeBoy 2002 says:

What if you have a laptop instead of desktop?

garetkun808 says:

Thank you for uploading this infotmation, you saved my data!

Masud Akand says:

didn't work

H20xGaming ホ says:

You are the goat


Thanks man it worked

Glory_Holly _Lula says:

Thank you thank you thank you


This didn’t work for my pc however i have found that if you turn of the power from the wall and the psu and unplug your entire pc and plug everything back in it will work

Huehue Beep says:

it works but failed like im stuck on a a black screen

Michael Adrian Barrameda says:

OMG. Thank you so much it worked😊

Tjalfe Steen says:

omg this actually worked!
Thank u so much 😀

Dragø says:

doesn't work

Flexy CSGO says:

It worked the dislike button worked

chrissybhoy001 says:

Haha no way, thanks man!


It still wont work

saed malikezadeh says:

u inspired me to fix my pc XD

-Z9CS says:

My computer randomly turned off. I tried taking our the power lines (because I don't have the switches on the outlets) but it starts and automatically shuts down. Please help?

Dan Imator says:

Yo i turned on the monitor but the cpu is a fucking shit

Dan Imator says:

Shit i still have more questions how to find the wire cuz im grounded so im going to make a plan to do this

Dan Imator says:

Hi guys im 10 year old and all i know is wire in conputer but what is thisi cant evenfix this?

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