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Computer Turns On But No Display On Monitor – Troubleshoot & Easy Fix – Cpu Adaptor Plug Issue

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Computer Turns On But No Display On Monitor – Troubleshoot & Easy Fix – Cpu Adaptor Plug Issue”

Pc turns on but no display on monitor
Desktop Turns on but no display on monitor

00:03 Troubleshoot A Laptop No Display Blank Black Screen Not Turning On – Possible Fix

00:41 Troubleshoot A Dead Pc – Computer Not Turning On Easy Fix

01:49 ACE 400W PSU with 12cm Fan and SATA 24-Pin Model – Grey

02:08 Wentronic 8 Pin Plug to P4 4 Pin Jack Internal Power Cable

03: 16 Computer Desktop Pc No Display Led Light On Fan Spinning – Stupid Mistake Easy Fix

04: 34 Laptop Dell Inspiron N5030 Recovery – Reset to Factory Setting – Mauritius Island Special

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Update 23/09/2017: I have finally started on the long awaited series of troubleshooting a computer or laptop that won’t turn on, or it turns on with led lights and fans spinning but no display on monitor screen or no booting up into windows. It will be a series of 11 parts, with 10 specific points of failure which can be easily diagnosed as the part causing the computer to malfunction. We will tackle desktop computers first, then laptops. Here is the intro, more to follow:
Desktop Pc Computer Not Tuning On | PC Computer Turns On But No Display On Monitor | Top 10 Fix Tipshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wkcx-x9gjkg

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Feroz Hassan says:

so do i need an adaptor to work because so far i use the psu and it cant work since my psu is 8pin while my motherboard is 4pin

h2 says:

Hi mate. I just installed Windows 10. When i restart the machine it won't show display. Sometimes shows windows logo then auto restart. Changed ram hdd but it goes to recovery.

Samir Kabir says:

Hello Sir, I'm having a problem with my pc. when i push my ups power button, my cpu gets automatically on (only fans are spinning). then when I switch on the power button of the cpu, it starts. now plz help me to get rid of this problem of automatically starting cpu.

Vizeo 56 says:

I don't have a built pc it's just a desktop like I can't access my motherboard or ram but when I turn it on it loads windows sign comes up and loading symbol and then it just sits their for ever and then it's just a black screen with a mouse

Rahman fahim says:

that was helpful, thanks man<3

chris empedrado says:

how about no signal in monitor. no beeps. and very slow spinning fan?

niki-aris tsipis says:

thank you for videos i didnt have this problem but i watched it and i got usefull information…i will keep watching ur videos. Thank you for uploads

Mayank Prasad says:

Tq soooo mch buddy….i love h…u made my pc..tq tq tq sooo mch

Mearaj Bhat says:

Great thanks bro. i was facing the same problem n now it is solved. thanks once again

Jashan Kingra says:

Hey healtech bro I am in such a big problem. I am playing game suddenly the computer turns off then we call from where we buy the computer the man said that the card there was in monitor we have to replaced new. And when I start seeing your videos then I saw the ram chip cleaning and then I do after that I start computer tuen its starts beeping now tell me what I do and plz make the video for me……thanks.

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