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Computer Turns On And Then Turns Off (Quick Fix)

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Hope This video will help


Nick Fly says:

Here is another sollution guys when turning the pc press start button many times like flood it it like i did in this video watch carefully and it also works btw Thanks for 45K views

Zameer Uddin says:

woooooowwwww! That worked an infinite thanks

Noufal Muhammed says:

I have tried all ram slots but still not working

DoZoRaZo says:

thanks, i changed my ram slots and it worked

Mohamed Zommit says:

I hv the same Problem but my pc smtimes work for 8min at max then shut down nd restart

S.R 0ne O.C.T tanki says:

Sir you have helped very much :v I was dead straight about to throw the pc away ;-;

Bilal Ahmed says:

Thanks a lot ! My PC is working fine now 🙂

Andrew Fowler says:

I bought a new CMOS battery and started up without RAM and still the same thing.

Geocelio Tamayo says:

why not working to me

CheapHooker says:

My pc will do this when there is ram in it and when there is no ram it wont do it :/?

niko bellic says:

I replaced my psu but still don't fixed this pb.
shd I replace my mobo?

akash tiwari says:

help me out buddy

akash tiwari says:

my pc turn on and within seconds it again turn off what should I do ? should I first check power supply or Ram

Fundabolt Almarvez says:

my computer wont turn on and repeats the light all the time and show on the screen cable is not connected what to do

akshay dengale says:

thanks bro it work's for me !!!!! when i try to turn on my pc turn on and off,and onan off then i remove battery and placed again then BOOOM it works BIG Thanks

Home Tips Australia says:

Thanks I tried that and if fixed my PC thanks for the advice. ????????

abhishek bhardwaj says:

sir thanks when i remove battery my cpu starts sir thanki i don't know how i say thanku but sir you are really engineer thanks have a nice day sir aap hindi m video nhi bna skte please sir mere monitor m vertical lines h white colour ki sir solution do

MrYamato97 says:

so its not the power supply?

Sandeep Rathor says:

my cpu fan is start and after some second is stop what i am do….

Scream Beam says:

Thank you a lot, man. glad that I found this

Nevius says:

My friend, you just saved my life ! Thanks a lot for this video.

Maxik says:

Check your CPU connection 🙂 i plugged 24 pin power but forgot the 8pin CPU plugged to MB 🙂

soumo nath says:

I have sem problem BT my ram slots is OK so help me plese

SwiftPropel says:

Thanks! It worked for me. I think the RAM slot is dead. What are the possible reasons for it. Any ideas?

Islam Awd says:

thanks my bro
you are perfect youtuber
so i give like and subscribe

praful singh says:

hey friend my pc suddenly shuts off after few minutes … a mechanic said to change my smps…but i think its ok,,what should i do? i tried the cmos the ram thing too?…

Status Stumbler says:

wow thanks for this. i swapped my ram and it worked

Ravi Laskar says:

Please reply

Ravi Laskar says:

My CPU Turning on And Off this process get repeats ON & Off

Grant Tembo says:

Nicky my cpu is sparking then same smoke

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