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Computer Turns Off – Quick Fix

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One of my laptops was turning off (computers normally shut down when they overheat) so I am making a video showing how to replace a laptop fan. This process is fairly easy and hopefully will save someone money (about $100-$140) by doing it. I had to replace this fan about 1 1/2- 2 yrs ago, I am not sure if the computer fan is just cheap.

********Remember——-Only use the compressed air when the computer is off ***********

By using the compressed air it might solve the problem ( computer turning off ).
If the computer is still turning off, it might be the fan.Since I knew my issue was the fan, I just ordered and replaced.


GamingTurkey says:

my pc turns of when i lauch furmark not even 1 sec then it turns off i play
bf4 on high then after 30min it turns off and restarts im using a gtx 570
gainward glh what could it be coz the gpu isent over heating 

Marin Games says:

My pc turns off while i’m working in some programs HELPPPPP

Anderson Pazin says:

If everyone could explain like you do. Simple and efficient. Thanks.

ignfan4life says:

I already cleaned my fan and the problem persists. Do I just need to
replace the fan, or is this potentially an issue with another component? If
it’s just the fan, it’s an easy 10 dollar fix.

TheDemonic Steve says:

Also it doesn’t like shutdown it goes into this sleep mode thing instead of
led staying blue it like goes on and off in orange

TheDemonic Steve says:

My pc I opened it up but all the wires are really complicated and I’m not
that tec, my fan does the same problem but I can’t remove it because I have
no idea how to put it back on its a GeForce it just turns on after a while
of gaming plz help

Mandlenkosi Phakathi says:

Very good presentation. Very clear.

quick Pro says:

I use a straw

Abdul Azim Akram says:

its shittttttttt

Raphael Alexander says:

my brother laptop overheats and shuttoff when playing certain games and he
changed the processor and it stop overheat lenovo e425

Lucerio BraulioJr says:

Thank you it working to me

JeFfXt says:

My pc turns on then mby 5 secs later it turns of and then turns on then
turns off and so on… Help? 

enas dios says:

it worked!thanks a lot dude,you solved a problem i had for for 2 years now.

quick Pro says:

I use a straw .. and blow with my lung power. Works charm

Chris breezy Chris brown says:

I’m to scared to do it

SkranyDaGranne says:


Raihan Ahmad Dani Firmansyah says:


Ethan Amini says:


Veljko Zecevic says:


pomme oregan says:


Joe B says:

in my case it was the fan. but try using the compressed air ( computer must
be off) and see if that helps. if you hear your fan turn off then you may
have to replace the fan.


Is this the CPU fan?

Lloyd Jagger says:

Shut up Noobs!

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