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I originally built this computer on video back in September of 2013. You can watch the video here:

Now it’s over 4 years later and in this video, I diagnose it.


Anders Jørgensen says:

I use a Asus pce ac88 WiFi adapter and my main pc broke down. So I had to build a old pc from still working 2008 parts. I did move the ssd drive with Windows 10 and it did actually load to desktop. Had to reactivate 10 but no problem there.

Going for 4 GB ram more led me into some weird behavior going into ps/2 mode and blocking usb ports.

Anyway I ended up with 4gb installed of 8gb. Then tried to find to find a spot to install the Asus ac88 and success. Started up but loaded halfway. Restart and load to desktop. Login to WiFi and it works as it should top of the line.

Ok time to move back to the basement. On load back to ps/2 mode for keyboard and mouse.

Took side panel of. Pushed on the ram and added a 2gb stick. On load 10 updated and got to desktop and out of ps/2 mode too.

Sound went so now that is the current problem. I was ready to go 7 ultimate install but 10 works and the Asus ac88 even on 2008 hardware.

I use the pc for business. WiFi is not the issue and the Asus ac88 is a beast.

PC Runs, L.L.C. says:

The computer is possessed?

adamsleath says:

ive had problems with tp-link stuff before (a powerline adapter) d-link ones seem to just work better…anywho. not fussed on tplink, although i am currently using the tp-link powerline adapter after a bit of a painful installation…

Dave Vallee says:

I suspect an IRQ, or memory resource conflict with another device, such as the video card, or onboard video. Two other possibilities are SED damage, or a problem with the motherboard.

Gerry Crisostomo says:

After the wifi software update, the monitor started to think it's an old off-channel TV !!! Amazing !

Giotronics says:

so when's the part 2 for this ? wanted to see if the computer works after the new motherboard installation.

Adam Ponder says:

It's fun to see something like this….never seen this before and have been doing this for 15+ years.

johnny5finger says:

I would say it looks like the MB involving the PCI bus. I will say gigabyte bios updates can be buggy as heck. I doubt I will buy another gigabyte board again. I have a two identical gigabyte boards and one will periodically reboot on the initial startup.
It is still working but for how long.

jaime munoz says:

@careyholzman when that happens to my TV I give it a slap on the side and it fixes it. I believe that should work with the tv your working on here.

Whovisions says:

The worst problem to correct is an intermittent problem, like I'm experiencing. Where it will run fine for ages then refuse to boot then will suddenly boot again OK. Drives me nuts. Think I have a dodgy bios chip as it can play completely dead at times with no sign of life or power. I'll never buy a gigabyte x99 board again that's certain.

glthunder says:

My 6 year old board has 1 regular pci slot

edyegu justine says:

It could be a dry joint on the CPU

sheek1982 says:

I just ordered that mini mouse/keyboard combo. They're all over Amazon with different branding.

Martin S. says:

You got a poltergeist there, sir. To me, that there looks like a PCH FSB issue to me, and my conclusion would also be a faulty mobo. The likeliness of this having anything to do with the CPU itself is pretty slim, seeing the issues has nothing to do with the CPU, but all runs on the PCH. I would also like to point out, that on Windows 7, BSOD error code F4 is typically storage issue. (https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/getting-problem-blue-screen-bc-code-f4/8a5ce32f-53db-4829-b6e0-a561cd5a6138). Also, Windows Event Viewer is your friend in all of this. 🙂

justsomeguytoyou says:

Now that is bizarre…..very interesting indeed.

Larry Hood says:

After all that the only other thing i can think of is corrupt/bad sector where the Driver is being installed, if same prob on SSD as well then ….iono 🙁 i also agree with the theory of the chipset Having a Prob

idknuttin says:

the problem here is that they are trying to use wifi to run a business. You will always run into some kind of problem when working with wifi, if you are running a business you need to run ethernet cables to every computer, much more reliable and less headaches so that you can focus on actually running your business and not dealing with fixing your computers.

Badda Bing says:

Well… That's a new one. My guess is failing caps.

Brandon 45 says:

I built my PC I have to do the BIOS and the install of Windows 10 home which is on a flash drive the PC Works awesome and it has an Intel i5 7500 that's the CPU Anna has a 1 terabyte Western Digital blue and a ASRock motherboard b250m pro 4 motherboard I love how it came out!!!

John Newburn says:

You mean you don't have those nifty wireless power supplies.

Brandon 45 says:

Cool video man

Eadwold S says:

Faulty or damaged circuit connecting PCI bus. Replace Mboard.

Edward Greene says:

Sounds like something happened during the move

rgrut1 says:

Swap parts ( hard drive & wireless card ) with one of the customers other "same as" towers and use this one where a wired tower is. Inspect all USB ports.

Double K says:

thank you so much for more repair videos!

Edward Greene says:

If wired works a workaround is a Netgear wireless extender with a rj45 port and use wired

Ronald Nimcheski says:

I am from flint – We had Computers in the schools in Michigan in 1972 – Probably why were were building them in the early days. Detroit too?

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