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Computer Repairs – LIVE! PART 2

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Computer Repairs – LIVE! PART 2

Fenlink 2.5″ to 3.5″ Internal SSD Hard Drive SATA Drive Converter

Samsung 500GB SSD:



Randy Johnson says:

Enjoy the video. Thanks for taking the time to explain the difference between acronis and macrium.

boowh1 says:

Those customers sound like Best Buy customers I use to do CS for best buy

Malovon says:

Just recently I cleaned up an old laptop my mom had lying around, but she was complaining about how slow it was.
Turns out, Windows hadn't been updated once since 2013, and due to some error wouldn't auto-detect and install those updates, had to dig around a bit but found a solution on MS website.
In the end there was something like 180 updates to install, also removed a bunch of junk files with Ccleaner and installed a new anti-virus / malware stuff..
The computer isn't that much faster, but at least the CPU isn't idling at 100% anymore lol

Kip Boahn says:

man i love these videos…ty!

Igot2fly1 says:

Thanks again Carey, Been trying to find the Donate button …. enjoy your channel, I’ve watch them all. Keep up the great work. Larry

Robert Frederick says:

ugh, those 1 tb seagate drives. those things failed as fast as they were made.

zXLuke4efcXz says:

I didn't even know you streamed on Twitch

Brandon 45 says:

You do a great job man i love your videos man

John Newburn says:

What is the audio equipment you use?

The Can says:

Carey can you tell me where I can buy one of those adapters that you mounted the SSD in? Thanks:) Great video as always!

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