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Computer Repair

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A friend brought 2 computers over for me to fix. Laptop that had a drink and a desktop that was occupied. Fun stuff yo!
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VlogginLife says:
TakeiT says:

Adam, why don’t you get one of those 2 gallon air compressors that crappy
tire puts on for 50 bucks all the time with the hose and the blowjob
thingy, then you dont have to keep running out to get the cans, it doesnt
give you that long of a chooch as the cans do, but it fills back up in a
couple of minutes

Ram Francisuk says:

I normally clean a computer case with a air duster, small paint brush and a
vaccum cleaner with hose . Blow and suck the dust away

George Theking says:

Oh Kool Aid Man. In one breath you say, “I have no idea what this brown
gunk is!” The next second (literally) you say, “She (then he) just wanted
me to clean the keyboard because she spilled pop on it. That was before you
forgot that initially you told everyone you were “Cleaning it because it
was overheating.”

wtbm123 says:

I stop the fans , but i always use a leaf blower ,or sweeper blower to
clean all customers computers . Works well . A lot of other shops use the
same method .

zx8401ztv says:

Adam, a boot cd to remove the password: http://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/
As a computer tech im supprised you dont have such basic software to hand.
I normally dissasemble the laptop and clean the fan and heatsinks out with
a bristle brush, and check the lubrication of the fan itself.

Seegal Galguntijak says:

I think the smaller convectional oven uses less power than the big one.
First, it’s smaller, and second, it’s quicker to heat up and stuff, so it
will use less anyways.

talldude123 says:

My main Acer computer is like that Gateway machine. Funky looking drive
doors over the DVD drives and mine has that try to put stuff on while it’s
charging via USB.
I’ve got a Kenmore oven that does the same thing as yours. You have to wait
until it beeps to tell you if it’s heated up. But here’s a trick – if the
oven is on and heated up to the right temperature, the element on the
bottom goes out – just what I’ve noticed.

jmurray01 says:

I hate large electric static ovens. I either use my mini oven (like yours)
or my main oven which is fan assisted.

DemonfangTheDragon says:

4 pin in an 8 pin on a motherboard cpu aux power connector is generally
fine, manufacturers do it all the time, and as long as you aren’t
overclocking the cpu and it isn’t drawing too much power it’s fine. that
said, i generally frown upon this, as power supplies that only have a 4 pin
for cpu power are generally low wattage craps that shouldn’t be in a system
that has an 8pin for the cpu power (even if technically they can do it).

George Gardinier says:

good show, i like the tear downs, seems like that tower can be great again,
and up to date, yes

Liowen says:

Man I thought my pc was dirty on the inside but now I fell better. Of
course the dirtiest part on mine were the filter screens on the front and
back, and now I am down to 27C while watching videos.

k0nslify says:

You didn’t show us how you took it apart and applied new thermal paste.
That sort of sucked. Always interesting to see such activities and how you
handled the matter. Oh well.

DynamoDylan says:

I watched swearnet the movie last night it was disappointing. 

Procrastinatorgarage . says:


jmurray01 says:

I like the number pad that laptop has! That is something that always bugs
me about laptops is only having the linear number keys.

SKyNeT948 says:

Good vidja! 

jmurray01 says:

Have you thought about hooking up the pressure washer you got from your Dad
to wash the G6?

ramtuff2007 says:

awesome video adam friggin rights

twocvbloke says:

Dirty laptops are bad, but laptops that have been peed on are worse (as I
mentioned the other night!!)… :S

hehe, I love doing the invisible treat things like that with the cats… 😛

hehehe, spongebob… 😛

I’d just wash the keyboard in distilled water, cos it’ll clean the goo out
and won’t be conductive or corrosive… 🙂

Creepy dog is creepy………………………

It’s hardly surprising that the big oven takes so long to heat up with that
tiny-ass heating elephant, I mean element, a lightbulb oven has more power
than that thing, it needs a much bigger element which is longer and has
more curly bits…

twocvbloke says:

I’ve never had a cat jump up on a hot cooker, I guess they’ve all been
smart enough to not try… 😛

The worst condition computers are always the worst for malware and viruses
on the OS, just shows how much people bother with looking after their
computers, but, on the plus side it’s money in our pockets… 😛

Errrrrm, yeah, that power cable is an accident waiting to happen, bare
mains-powered wire is not fun to touch…… :Z

4 months?? And here’s me thinking Youtube’s processing thing is slow as
hell… :S

jmurray01 says:

What is in that little box in the corner of your landing?

twocvbloke says:

hehe, the SpiderWay… 😛

It’s funny, Gateway used to be a supermarket chain over here ’til the early
90s when they seemed to disappear…

oooh, ATI syndrome, aka burnt-out GPU core causing weird artefacts
onscreen… 😛

I believe some motherboards work fine with only half that socket occupied,
the PSU I have in my C2D has a split power plug so it can be either P4 12v
power, or that 8-pin version, so, either or I guess…

And I’d probably have offered it a home, cos I lack an i5, but the shipping
would be a PITA, that and spiders, there’s probably a nest in there… :P

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