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Computer Repair / Virus & Malware Removal – LIVE!

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Computer Repair / Virus & Malware Removal – LIVE!


Septer Sever says:

I ran Malwarebytes and the only thing that was detected was a Potentially Unwanted Program…it was Internet Explorer.


hello good videos you are the best

CodyBoyy says:

i dont know what it is but shes doing it lmao 😀 i laughed so hard

Gary Beltz says:

How would you help a customer that was illiterate whether elderly or otherwise deal with one of the many ransomware programs out when they are sitting at a screen that tells them that they've been locked out of their files and to pay $600 to "supposedly" get their files back?

roy leonard says:

thank you keep up the good work for us old people

Dave Shute says:

Hi Carey from Littlehampton in the UK

Aaron Buras says:

You can still use the old Control Panel, just hit Windows key and typing "control". This also works for other Win7 admin tools as well. Love your style and content…you just got a new sub! 🙂

arturo a sandoval says:

interesting video thanks for showing that

ErikZarth says:

That was a badly infected machine.

Mbali Sibiya says:

hello from SOUTH AFRICA

SpaceMan Dan says:

very help full for my mother in laws pc

Mark J says:

I always setup Classic shell for my senior clients.

Robert Krebs says:

thank you for posting these videos!

00000000000000005172 says:

hello can you build a computer please

Martin S. says:

10/100/1000. LOL. It says the same on most modern day motherboard too, you know. 😉 Thanks for the upload!

Rick33 says:

hello from Ill

Pausethatgame says:

If I had a place to stay, I'd come help record edit and stuff for you, unfortantly I wouldn't have a place to stay at.

peter gaumer says:

u can use control for old control manager.

Beef Ingot says:

Have you considered OBS for using multiple cameras to have more camera control with reduced effort while streaming?

Perhaps one overhead and zoomed into a section of the counter and then the camera thats currently there.

Another option if having to click back and forth is just having the zoom camera permanently in picture in picture so you dont have to do anything extra.

grandad47 says:

Now that Emsisoft is stopping its ''Internet Security'' software, would you still recommend Emsisoft Anti Malware (without the firewall) ??

mattelius says:

Computer showcase starts at 14:00. Emsisoft virus removal at 50:20, Ccleaner operation at 2:06:56, malwarebytes at 2:30:24.

Brad Olson says:

I have one of these and to get another 4GB of RAM was only $40.00. I bought it as a discontinued model in Oct. 2015 with Win 8.1 @ Bestbuy.

catarino neptune says:

i didn't know about emsissoft, thanks carey

Meho Kahrimanovic says:

little tip from a pro the old control panel is still there just search for it in explorer or the start menu

Qinghua Diep says:

Man I wish I can man the camera

Junji Tomozawa says:

Very helpful.
I have just installed Emsisoft Emergency Kit Free 4.0.
thanks for your tip.
Keep doing your great work.

H Green says:

You can open the old control panel from windows 7 by typing "Control Panel" in Cortana.

Patrick McDonald says:

LOL "they don't leave just because they are Dead" so true

clintsimp1 says:

thanks for emsisoft

GD Cabinet says:

I had 90+ threats

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