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Computer Repair Undercover Investigation

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A local News Station does a undercover investigation of Best Buy, Circuit City, and Micro Center – and their computer repair services. The results may surprise you….unless you are in the computer repair industry…then you probably won’t be surprised…


51317 says:

$129 for OS install using the guy's OS disk?! Fuck BestBuy


Im sure that was the first time they ever encountered that ridiculous problem/trick. That is not something you usually troubleshoot for and would never happen.. cause no asshole would do that to their computer. because there is no way to accidentally change the bios settings. If you would have brought that computer in and said that someone messed with the settings Im sure they would have figured it out in no time. The people who made this are just a bunch of assholes. If you change the settings in the bios then you deserve to pay that much money. Funny how the guy in the video thinks hes so smart.. im sure people could get him with stupid little tricks as well. That is the sad thing with most computer people.. they are all trying to outsmart each other and test each others knowledge to boost their self esteem.

sleaf6 says:

When I worked freelance, did house calls, I did free diagnostics and was able to repair most problems in 2 hours or less, meaning I usually would walk away with $40 – $60 dollars and very happy customers. Only had to replace on HDD and that was because it was dead (yes, i did proper diagnostics, so many dead sectors the test didn't even finish).

Deathsbman says:

Of course it was Microcentre that fixed it.

Philary Gee says:

hahahaha….its funny how some technicians of today do things, about four months ago a customer came to me with a laptop which apparently Best Buy couldn't fix and condemn it as bad mother board due to water damage. Guess what? i just clean the mother board and replace the keyboard and got it working till now. keyboard cost $18.00 and i charge her $50.00 for my workmanship. two years ago i went for an   interview as computer technician at Best Buy and they told me am over qualify.

Masterr Laster says:

I would do something like this and post but damn that diagnostic fees.
Pretty sure would turn up same thing.

Crowbar44 says:

hahaha!!  These computer techs in this video (except for the last one) are the kind we like to call "part changers".  They would rather just toss new parts into the system rather than actually take the time to look for the problem.

These people should have been fired for screwing over the customer.  Sadly, these stupid big box stores literally hire anyone who applies for a computer repair job.  Its just nuts how they operate.

TrollFaceTheMan says:

That is why Micro center is the Best!!

ta jo says:

8 people are cocksucking, swindling, rip off pieces of shit geeks, who charge way too much for things, and should be beaten, and forced to do manual labor.

ta jo says:

rip off piece of shit geek squad faggots, there's a reason people like to beat up geeks, and it's not because they are smart.  They should be fired, jailed, and fined.

Fryklballs says:

$39 to install a hard drive? It's like plugging a cord into a wall socket, ripoff!

Michael Nager says:

Power surge in our building. My AX850 PSU survived, my two neighbours PSU both fried and one motherboard also. I'd a couple PSUs flying about and as far as the mobo is concerned I had an old 775 one which had literally been kicking around my place. I had stepped on it once and a number of the IDE pins pierced my foot so there was quite a bit of blood on it. I cleaned the board with Isopropanol, unbent pins bunged in the CPU, hooked it up the PSU and to my amazement it worked! Total charge $0

Polydynamix says:

$129 to re-install windows… and they brought you the restore disc with it? 30 minutes for $129? That's $258 an hour!

Noah Covert says:

Screen of Blue Death lol.


Right there with ya

bottle2lip says:

i used to work for best buy in geek squad. DONT BRING YOUR COMPUTER there. I was the only honest tech, and eventually was fired because of it I think.

Caveman305 says:

@Lee Hobbs just got my first I.t. Position after 5 years of applying, luckily it is one that has a bright future and retirement! Woohoo

Leo says:

Its not fair is it 🙁

lockdownrocks says:

This is true. OS not found, step one is either check cables which is rarely the case and step 2 is check the bios to see if the hard drive is recognized by the motherboard. There you would be able to spot the disables setting.

Kassidar says:

"if your computer's broken' go to our website to find the list of the right questions

Dilan Gilluly says:

I'm a tech and I get a lot of customers because they're unhappy with big boxed company repairs. It's like $129.00 for an OS install while charging $70 for diagnostics they'd better be including a Windows license too. For a repair like that I would've charged $45 with complementary dust removal and temp file cleaning.

kodan50 says:

Some people do not have the technical expertise to know which OS ISO they need to get from Microsoft in order to reinstall their OS. It seems simple enough with the key stuck to the side of the case, but some people are just not that tech savvy. Besides, if their only computer is shot, they might not be able to actually GET the proper ISO from MS and might have to go this route, if only due to lack of access.

fangsea says:

That still happends and rarely people get caught..

texxs01 says:

Because that's a crime . . .

texxs01 says:

The $160 pays for the time, shop and profit.

texxs01 says:

Not really fair, a bad hard drive is the cause of that problem in 99% of the cases. This just shows incompetence, not fraud.

Loosening a stick of RAM would have been a much better test. Next time, ask a smart guy.

ĐẠI LÝ says:

fuk them shit bestbuy

David Raygoza says:

160$ to install a operating system?HA just go over to the pirate bay and get your shit for free

Panda Man says:

why would you pay for a os install when you can download win 7 for free on the internet and burn it on to a disc?

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