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Computer Repair Software Tools

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These are the software tools I use to repair computers. I made this video purely for informational purposes. 🙂

Hardware Tools Video: http://youtu.be/BmpbkHECI24

Nerd Cave Tour 2012:

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joseph allen says:

hey I have 2 original cd as you

Macharddrives says:

Will it work on Macs?? or it is designed just for windows.

TheSoftwareJunction says:

UltimatebootCD is open source and can do the same I suppose ?

Geeneyes kris says:

the link you posted for the software be download can i download it to an
exterior driver ,and how do i know what software i well need for aspire
3690 windows xp media cent

PJ Cruz says:

I am constantly being called by friends and families to remove malware,
viruses etc, troubleshoot their pc. I want to stay away from the repair
business, however I don’t mind upgrading their PC (disk, OS) I would like
to start a business performing these types of services. How do I start?
What are some recommendations?

Francis Soeu says:

Do you have a list of tools that you use?

Technoguy3 says:

You mean physical tools or software tools? If physical tools, I have a
separate video that this video is a response to called “Nerd Cave Workshop

elecxonica says:

i really like an ubuntu live disc as a softwear tool. it’s good if windows
won’t boot at all so you can still get the files off the system on to
removable media.

Castor Troy says:

Thanks bro

Online River Reviews says:

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