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Computer Repair Shop Tools for Your Business: The Importance of Magnets by TimsComputerFix.net

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In this video I show you another valuable tool in my shop at http://www.TimsComputerFix.net. The use of magnets have made life much easier in my business.

Link for the Wire Python Magnetic Wire Snake:


VWGTI says:

Hey Tim would a PC repair certificate be enough to start with? I wanna
start my own pc repair shop myself. Do you use any special antivirus
programs to clean customers pc`s or do you use the same ones out in the
public market? 

Dawne Caldwell says:

awesome video I want the pick up stick just to play with. I so have to buy
one. I’ve never heard of them.

Sidi Mohamed Moktar says:

amazing ways to collect screws thanks a lot it is useful for me so much 

bobson09 says:

I was removing the motherboard from a PC today and thought about your
tips…the one with magnetizing the screwdriver helped me a lot with
removing the screws. Thank you!

fixitdaz says:

Great Video Tim love the sweeper thats a great idea.

TimsComputerRepair says:

Thanks for watching.

AvoidErrors says:

Nice video Tim

TimsComputerRepair says:

Thanks for the info and thanks for watching.

wtbm123 says:


Grant Fullen says:

Gotta Luv Magnets. 🙂 Great Examples Tim

Britec09 says:

I like that magnet sweeper.

Connected PC Solutions says:

yet another great video

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