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computer repair service put to test geek squad staples scamming

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Video of unethical computer repair places.

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TV reporters rigged up a computer failure and sent it off for computer repairs. Some honest technicians were found, and then there were those.


drax99 says:

Been the main tech for years at my Staples. Have worked at numerous other
staples to help them out, or to pick up extra hours. The fact of the matter
is, most people are idiots. I am constantly going behind my coworkers and
fixing their screwups. And these are all A+ cert guys, some even with
degrees in various computer fields and years of experience. Yet I will
watch one work for hours to find out what is wrong, only to walk over, and
flip the switch on the PSU or some other trivial thing. I usually just
smile and walk away.

This, of course, is the reason I still have a job despite ignoring half the
BS my managers try to make me follow. It’s also why I have a small army of
customers that will only deal with me. I like to call it professionalism.
Do it right, or don’t do it at all. Staples does not train for jack, and
they pay even less. These are still just Wal-mart employees with a fancy
title. They are still just as prone to being idiots as the rest.

shredfan666 says:

$200 for a hard drive replacement…. sheesh what a joke!

Jordan Griffith says:

why is staples in the title? they are actually really good.

technowarriorsTV says:

Im nick the fix with nicks computer fix and as the owner this video is
disgusting i don’t even charge a diagnostic or dispatch fee i do we had a
customer with the same problem it took 2 minutes to fix a loose hard drive
cable i did not even charge the customer a repair fee because it was so
fast and computer repair is 20 dollars a hour with no extra fees data
recovery is included with the 20 dollars a hour fee i

Anh Hoàn Dương says:

stupid geek

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