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Computer Repair Scams

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The Tech in this video now owns his own company


Matt Lee says:

“[A full retraction is] something we’re not going to do”
holy hell i can’t stop laughing
you tell ’em newsman

Jex Hex says:

the difference from a few hours of tutorials on YouTube and a few hundred $

Takingout thetrash says:

America is a scam nation, everyone is out to get rich, nothing more

Tzimnewman3 says:

+sofa king
“Anyone that comes to your house to repair your computer isn’t just a tech
but also a sales person”

I wouldn’t say that is always true. A computer technician who works for
himself has much more to lose then a large corporation. A self employed or
family business relies on happy customers in order to generate future
business. If you are happy with the service that you have received then you
will most likely use that person in the future when you need a new computer
or when a friend or family member has issues with their computer.

It doesn’t take much to shop around for the best technician. The Yellow
Pages (Or US equivalent) is a good place to start. Look for small or family
businesses. They tend to care about customers more then the bigger
companies. Once you have compiled a list, call each one up asking them for
their fixed price for diagnosing a computer problem and their fixed price
for labour (replacing parts). Then pick the lowest price and go with them.

If any of the companies are ripping customers off it will be obvious in the
price comparisons.

dedicateddad says:

Didn’t have to do 10%! I say KUDOS TO THE POSTER OF THIS VID! GOOD MAN!
Housecalls ain’t cheap, still had to drive, still had to pay office-staff,
still had to carry insurance, pay office-rent, phone/internet/electric/etc
bills… Nope – 10% was generous – if people don’t want to pay
professionals then they need to get to learning! Mechanics don’t work
free-electricians/carpenters/plumbers – all of them will charge 1hr.minimum
– why should we be different? Just because it LOOKS easy means zip!

Skizerz McDerp says:

*optical drive

Bakari8886 says:

Hats off to Phil Meyer!

suparsteve123 says:

congrats to Mr. Meyers!!!!

Charlex Alexandre says:

you deserve more likes

andrewc513 says:

Seems like it’s someone’s word against someone else’s word about the
viruses thing. What they *should* have done for this investigation was get
an old PC, install a fresh OS, then change the wallpaper, install a bunch
of freeware, and add a few bogus Word documents to the desktop to make it
look like it had been used for a while. Get the process all on VIDEO. Then
they could call BS with 100% certainty.

The Stry Show says:

@Plusquevie Ironically enough I got another job as the lead technician
elsewhere, a business in my City (Laptop Depot, Edmonton Alberta Canada),
and they were far shadier. That and he wasn’t even paying me. Haha, I’m
just going to start my own damn business. You want something right, do it
yourself, no?

Sofa King says:

Anyone that comes to your house to repair your computer isn’t just a tech
but also a sales person, more so a sales person since he/she will get beat
up for not selling enough services for that month. So he want to rape them
on a virus removal that didn’t exsist, nothing out of the norm there.
Bastards! (I am a certified tech I know the game it is just awful and thus
I don’t work in retail anymore)

Anglynn74 says:

I called geek squad a few weeks ago because I had some kind of spyware on
my comp. They said it would be $99 to diagnose what the problem is, I told
them I already know what the problem is but the insisted they have to do
it. And then said it’d be another $99 to remove any spyware. I hung up &
did a system restore & it works like brand new now. They told me if it was
a virus it may be upwards of $300 to remove lol.

Jason Sweet says:

lose everything? fake repairmen. I can save files and bring them back from
the dead.

MrVIB113 says:

You say you need your hard drive reformatted?? That will cost you 100
dollars…….. I can just make a operating disk from my pc or order one
online for about 20 to 30 bucks….. that’s just ridiculous….

pelon elcojedor says:

Man I’ll charge 10 dollars for a disconnected IDE/ATA.

Draco04 says:

the cd player lol

dedicateddad says:

Did nail a former(JERK!)boss once-tried2get them to upgrade/convert a DB to
a real DB platform.Refused. Told them it’d hit the wall & crash the
app-didn’t listen. Wrote it all up, step-by-step what to do-when I was
leaving tried to go over it – he was pissy about me leaving. STILL gave him
indexed notebook w/this & much other info. Mos. l8r calls begging 4help
“Read the NB!” More begging “$5 grand!” – “OK!” Install software, run “DB
conversion tool”, 2hrs,cash check. L8R says I ripped them off!

thegeneticengineer says:

I know theres scammers out there…but also, the guy they used, it is
possible they detected a virus. It is unclear what the control measures
were and whether this was the same machine or different. Companies vary
from skill level to skill level and ability to detect viruses. So unless
they can verify that the guy who set this machine up was using a completely
freshly installed OS everytime, then it is possible it could be
legitimately infected…however, they guys looked more like butchers.

13373anon says:

Fix your own computer and avoid crazy costs for one price, learn to setup
wifi, remove viruses with/without software, diagnose hardware PC
components, facory resets and remove windows passwords adn much more!!!:
uploadnsell. c o m /buy/a0eEuX (no spaces)

Swift Kidd says:

I checked out your website, looks like complete scam anything revolving
around sales & consultancy stay well away nothing “honest” about it, and
woo woo 10% off the bill dude you could have made that 40%

theiran says:

I’ve known that Best Buy was crap for years and their Customer Service is
the worst in the whole of the U.S.

Y0uEnj0yMyself says:

I think a fair price for that repair would be $50-100. One hour of labor +
the drive out there.

ㅤ ㅤ says:

a) “pirated activation” is an oxymoron, much like yourself b) Charging
money for labor and installing pirate software during that paid work is
illegal c) broadcasting on youtube that you install pirate software for
people just makes you fucking dumb d) this ‘bitch ass white boy’ has
bitched to ms. enjoy what follows, fuckwit.

Avengersoul says:

Go buy an old computer, craigslist works, or like myself.. friend gave me
an old one for my first pc. Then learn everything you can on your own.
There are guides on youtube and google, with a cheap pc and taking time to
diagnose yourself using google you’ll start to learn what to check or whats
wrong with certain problems. I started knowing nothing and owning an old
pentium 1 pc about 14 years ago. Now I can fix any problem and build my own
pc. Just don’t tell friends or family, you’ll regret it

haromrncieguy says:

Good for you man! Glad to see there are some honest people out there who
won’t stand for this crap.

Major Ramsey says:

Or put a jumper over the reset pins on the motherboard. See how many get

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