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Computer repair retail scams exposed documentary

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*G2A https://www.g2a.com/r/getting-started-now
Computer repair retail scam from NESTV 2006.


Todd Hayslett says:

A corrupt system file can be fixed easily using win re…… even a reinstall of windows is not needed most times…the professor said that’s what to do, reinstall windows and she is a college teacher?

Todd Hayslett says:

here's the order I use when I go to a customers house. If the computer does not come up to the bios and seems dead. 1. monitor make sure the monitor is working by hooking up a known good computer (my laptop) 2. Power supply use a jumper and see what the voltage is. 3. Video card (look for bad caps) 4. Ram. 5. motherboard look for bad caps and burnt spots. 6. remove all extra add in cards. It has to be one of those things. The cpu almost never burns up anymore. Look for clogged fans and heatsinks. If the computer can boot to the bios but doesn't come up or the hard drive is making a bunch of noise check for hard drive issues. Make sure you have known working spares with you to include power supply, video card, monitor, ram, network card, clean formatted hard drive, wireless router. If you can't find a hardware problem its most likely a windows issue or malware/virus issue. Bring a Linux Live CD and boot into Linux. I have been doing in home computer repair since 2005 and I am honest and truthful with the customer. I have many repeat customers and make a good living. It's all been word of mouth. I love being my own boss. I could make more in the corporate world but you can't put a price tag on the freedom you have as your own boss.

greg adams says:

this video tells the truth,as a real tech i see the bad monkies with wrenchs all the time.this is why i would line the people on the wall and bang bang for ripping off people.

Dem Megatronz says:

If the hard drive was dead the computer would still boot up unless it was shorting it some way.

WhoCares! says:

The market is full of mickey mouse technicians, I see them driving on I95 with signs reading "Computer Repair, flat rate $35". I wouldn't even answer the phone for $35, LMAO

Ken Rose says:

These reporters are so ignorant. Really, anything related to computers that people are involved it makes you a nerd?

Mona Sen says:

Im having hard disk failure in my laptop. Can anyone help me about computer repair in Kolkata?

kairu kun93 says:

Are freaking kidding me? did they even go to college for A+ Certification? it's like they skip the steps of troubleshooting. like they could have check the wires, and the ram cards. They don't even pay attention to the POST beeps, it always helps to narrow the problem! I'm almost finish with my A+ Certification, this is shameful, bad example!

Normal Person says:

I revived a hard drive once. These people are just incompetent.

Billy Whipple says:

To be somewhat fair to geeksquad idiot from the laptop tests, while he doesn't know what caused the sys files to get corrupted there have been a number of viruses throughout history that have attacked system files directly and intentionally. I would not have claimed it was viruses but without knowing what caused the corruption he gave a likely explanation.

Emils Vitolins says:

this is such bullshit the second clean instoll of windows is not alowed maby she wants her files back

hugehandelfan says:

Umm, how do they expect the technician to make money when they cannot put a markup on their parts? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You cannot run a service business without a markup on parts. Hourly rates alone would be so high that nobody would pay them.

"He charged $35 for RAM that only costs half that on Newegg!"

No shit, Sherlock.

Hello? They had to order that ram with their money at a price about the same, pay the inventory guy to keep track of it, keep it in stock so that YOU don't have to order it on Newegg, AND dispatch the correct RAM with the technician. Hmm… but I think they should not charge a markup, says a bunch of overpaid government employees.

Joseph Parsaligan says:


Landrew0 says:

"We know stuff."
So shut up and pay the bill.

michael fuson says:

I work on computer for a side job. one has to start by seeing if it even posts. if not its likely a bad psu maybe bad ram.

michael fuson says:

such scammers.

Smoke Gaming Channel says:

time to go bavk in usa and replace those mofuckas they overpaid aswell….. noob lol wifi card? haha for a corrupt file? reformat it first

# LG says:

Actually if you have a bad ram it does make sounds and flash red blink it's the easiest thing you can fix. I am talking about desktops.

2001jadenable says:

What the hell is up with the prices that the reporter thinks the repair should cost. Way to low

Shadow Heart says:

THIS VIDEO IS STUPID … i have worked on pcs almost all my life… you dont just assume a ram is blown… this test is just crafted to make everyone look bad….the only way you know for sure its something like that is you run it on something that can detect the one ram….also sure they could have taken out the rams to check but its very uncommon that one ram chip is not working…
this is not a case of scamming its a case of experience.

brianthesnail1234 says:

with both windows and mac and better quality hardware you should be able to diagnose 99% of problems yourself …. go back 15 years and it wasnt the same …. 10 seconds on google or youtube and you should find a solution and save money !

Gaming In Progress says:

Sounds to me like these companies arent hiring anyone with ACTUAL computer knowledge. AKA Fake Geeks

Kenneth Nicklowicz says:

Come see us.. we are old school and actually fix stuff. Most techs these days want you to replace. techs Not Geeks Will help you get a honest repair for your buck. Certified, and we would have started with ram, then board, then worked my way down. The beeps would have told the story if they would have used the KB LOL

marauderNOR says:

57 dollars for staples to reinstall windows is not that bad in my opinion. It is sometimes not as simple as just reloading windows. Then you have to update drivers and reinstall some basic programs. So 57 dollars is reasonable.

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