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Computer Repair – LIVE!

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Computer Repair – LIVE!

Mushkin Triactor 250GB SSD:

Crucial MX300 525GB SSD ($160)

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gabriel malapane says:

Mr or sir Holzman i want to be computer technician and i watch your videos and again i found them useful and helpful thanks

Michael Heiser says:

Thanks for your time Carey! Great videos~~~~

Joel Silva says:

Lisbon, Portugal

camelCased says:

Greetings from Latvia. I'm a legally blind programmer, and my neighbors often ask me to help them out with computer issues because many people think that programmers should know everything about hardware, software and electricity.

One of my neighbors had a nasty virus that had injected itself directly into network stack. It did not nag with any popups and did not interrupt the work any way, but, as we later discovered, it was using his computer as an email spam gateway.

Soon enough this person's IP address (which was static IP provided by his ISP) got into public IP blacklists and he got banned from many internet forums and some other websites, that were using public blacklists as their spam filters. This person had Avast installed at that time, and Avast did not detect the virus for a year or so!

But when we tried Avira antivirus, it detected the virus and offered to remove it. Unfortunately after removal the computer started throwing BSODs. Most probably, the virus had altered entire network chain in some way, and when it was removed Windows could no longer work normally.

At the end we just reinstalled Windows and ran some web port scanners on his IP address to make sure that it is no more acting as an email server.

So, the moral of the story is – your computer might be infected and serve as a slave for hackers even if you don't notice anything suspicious during everyday use.

About Acronis – generally it's great but I had some strange cases. I told it to take partition from one hard drive and restore it to another, but Acronis instead kept restoring my bootable USB flash drive to the target drive. I tried multiple times, still it did the same. After that, I moved to Paragon instead, and it did the job right. But Paragon has another issues – it by default tries to guess your bootable partitions and adjust them to make sure you can boot from any drive. So, in case if you are restoring one Windows partition with bootable EFI folders to another disk, Paragon makes wrong guess, and after you remove the source drive, your system is unbootable. Luckily, Paragon also has boot fix utility which can be used to fix the issue immediately after you notice the problem. But still, Paragon should not try to outsmart the user and adjust the system boot sectors without user's consent. I complained about the issue to the Paragon support and I gave them a test case to reproduce on a virtual machine. Paragon support reacted fast, and they told that there is actually a checkbox to disable this behavior, but the problem is that it is enabled by default and its name is not clear enough to suggest that it will affect boot sectors. They told they will think about changing this behavior in their future Paragon editions.

I've been wondering how people can drink Cola (or Pepsi) when they are actually thirsty. When I drink something like that, it does not make me less thirsty, on the contrary – it makes me want to drink more of it, but at the same time it's too sweet and strong to satisfy my body's needs. So, for me nothing can beat clean water and I drink Cola only when there are no other options or just for the sake of good company 😀

A tip: 2:15:43 – don't slide laptops that way; you might have some tiny, but hard particles on your desk and they might leave scratches on the laptop cover. I have seen this actually happening. So, I usually put some soft cloth or at least some paper on the table and turn the laptop together with that dampening material to avoid scratching the laptop.

Your channel is not that much attractive to trolls because you seem too serious. That's why it seems your audience consists mostly of adults and elderly people who like your simple, serious style that might seem to boring for teenagers.

Pc Home says:

Carey, big thanks for sharing!!! Hi, from Romania!

DeathAngel says:

Hello from Romania!

Paul Cyr says:

Wish i had seen this live. I was going to suggest trying to connect to LogMeIn to see what happened. I thought of that even before you checked the host file. Darn! I'll give myself a cookie anyway. Lol!

Dave Shute says:

hi Carey this is an absolutely brilliant video,i realy loved it.

Yaz511 says:

You need watch and learn HP laptop how to do open it, look on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKYVB6ZwpFY

Lawrence Small says:

Richmond, VA.

Steven Wright says:

Hi Cary show is great I keep watching you.Thank you Steve from Liverpool UK

gordon bethell says:

just got my first build were can i i send you a pic but you did inspire me i mead a bracket thank you i feel a mate

jakarate11 says:

Greetings from Aurora, IL! Great video Carey! Just finished working on friend's computer and I'm building one for another friend! You've been inspiring me since 2013 and I always look forward to your videos. Keep up the great work!

Scott Brandt says:

Hi from North East Missouri

Bill sonytt3 says:

Carey I'm from Pennsylvina is Reasion don't say hi to me in Live. My name is Bill ON facebook and sonytt is my nickname on youtube it online. I really am Greatful you have a Great channels for computer. computer is my life. I like to learn & build my Gaming Mechine learned from you? I do have a Learning Disabilty. I'm sorry I'm a real person and kind and caring

mattelius says:

Is it wise to dust off stuff in the kitchen, I mean you folks eat there right? 😀

eric wilson says:

love your video from north carolina

TheMonroe654 says:

You can have a dislike for timing someone out for saying it isn't live

Jotech 1991 says:

hi from Montreal,Canada

i386 says:

Acronis True Image is the best. There is only one flaw I have seen when cloning a drive to another drive. I had an HP laptop and restored a backup and then tried to go to F 11 recovery on startup this was Windows 10. It gave an error about Windows RE needed to be repaired I will have to find the exact error but this was due to restoring the backup I had with Acronis I am sure the same issue happens with a clone. I had the problem before long time ago with Windows 7 it would not copy all the files in Windows RE 100 MB partition in Windows 7.

bh ringer says:

Guitar picks work great for sliding under various clips. Made a spudger with the little plastic spreader that comes with cheese and cracker snack pack. Medical forceps also come in handy at times for detaching ribbon cables and/or their retaini8ng clips.

One of the first things you should look at when trying to remove keyboard is the bezel at top below display, they pop off and there are usually screws under it that need to be removed.

Britec has some good links on his forum for laptop disassembly.

I cringe every time someone brings an HP laptop for repair
Cheers from Nova Scotia..

Doug Chambers says:

Hi from United Kingdom

The Clash Royale Gamer says:

hey im from New York City

Δημήτρης Νικολακόπουλος says:

Greetings from GREECE Carey! Thank you for all the amazing content!

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