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Computer Repair for Regular People – PART 4 (FINAL)

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1longrange says:

Thanks for making those videos, really enjoy learning from them. Built my own gaming computer using your videos. The mechanical portion was easy ie working with the hardware. Had issues figuring out the software, but everything worked the first time I powered her up. Rookie luck. Thanks again!

Riskteven says:

Someone said he was giving up his business because PCs have become "disposable items". I am not going to agree with him. I am glad you are keeping on with this, and I do love your videos!

xeno neomorph says:

i have used copies of w7 and others never had the problem,but i wonder if the bios read the hard drive first in the list to start up first as some people start the dvd first to get there windows os installed,then forget to put hard drive back on start up first.

Enigma Media says:

Like most ppl, I enjoy these videos to gain Knowledge. So to show a problem without a clear explanation of how it was resolved, leaves me thinking that Carey either has no answer or simply made an error during editing leaving out his definitive professional opinion of what caused the error and how he resolved it. Some might say that in an instructional video, that we shouldn't all be left guessing, but hey perhaps it was his intention all along, and besides, its fun figuring out who the murderer was in a mystery of this kind:-) Keep up the good work Carey.

Helghast Trooper says:

Youtube decided to unsube me from your channel for some reason.. I missed 2 vids and a livestream.. I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!! :'(

ray burke says:

I have a multi-input monitor HDMI, DVI, VGA, with the HDMI, and DVI both connected to the monitor.  When I boot into the BIOS it can be seen with DVI on the monitor,  not with HDMI.   When going into Windows it works with HDMI selected on the monitor.  This maybe because I am using both video cables, the monitor is a ASUS monitor, it could be caused by the monitor trying to auto select the detected video mode.  I may try to use only one video cable, and the BIOS only works with DVI, or VGA, so I have to switch the video modes on the monitor to work on the BIOS.  With what Carey is working with is only one video input on the monitor, but my monitor does the same thing with a single beep, and no display for the BIOS.  Could it be a flaky video card, he didn't try another "test video card" ?  Later Ray Burke

Garth Clark says:

Carey, seems to bend toward low power, PSU, or the bios might be off? A pirate copy of Win7 wouldn't affect POST would it?

willrsan says:

I had to keep watching because I wanted to know what the problem was and then it ends without any explanation! I have had a similar situation fixing my brothers computer – was not booting, all I did was open the and case fiddle around, reseat components and then it worked fine again.

Manish Tripathi says:

what is the conclusion?

T Ferreira says:

My Favorite series Thanks Carey for explaining it step by step

BDT Trance says:

Yeah was a bit annoying. This last part of the video was getting tedious, but I kept watching coz I wanted to know the outcome. Didn't really get it

TheJademan85 says:

The bug might be at the PCIe port. It may be "burnt".

Rusty Pietrzak says:

How do you know it won't fail for the customer?

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