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Computer Repair for Regular People – PART 3

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Video editing software used to create this video:
Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate:

Screen captures by Camtasia Studio 9:


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NickCorsair YT says:

1 Like for every hope that motherboards will come with preinstalled I/O shields….

Alan Thomas says:

turn the case upside down for a top mounted PSU

Juan-Hernando Montes says:

i love the visuals and you have a clear neat voice. good work

Eric Schell says:

I RMAed a board (Asus) and thought I was suppose to send everything in with the board, turns out that was wrong and I got nothing but the board back.. Been using that one now for years without the I/O shield and I kinda like having it off. Oddly enough the pointless LEDs on the fans made it so plugging stuff into the back since it since kinda in a dark corner made it easier. Wouldn't do it for anyone else's PC or even my main one but I found a new appreciation to having a missing I/O shield.

Jormungand13324 says:

i'm glad my power supply is on the bottom of the case and slides into place.

john adams says:

pirated OS. take it in the desert and shoot it!

G4M3R M4nN3 says:

ThatΒ΄s a really Cliffhanger. Turns it on? XD

AngryDad1969 says:

You know the IO shield not being there bugs me to LOL and i am not even building the pc…

TheJademan85 says:

It be a pity not to like a video. πŸ˜€ You a funny man. πŸ˜€

Robert Frederick says:

I can't help but share in your frustration regarding I/O shields, while I have a similar drawer of those, there have bee a few cases where I will get a board or system where for some reason the thing has been lost to the winds, in which they are shields that were board-specific. it's a real pet peeve as it makes the system seem incomplete.

Michael W. says:

Part 3 yay!

justsomeguytoyou says:

I've been following this series from the start, and I"m enjoying it a lot. Can't wait for Part 4!

Erik Walfridsson says:

I would have made a new I/O shield myself. Yes, it is a pain if you want it to look really good, but it is far to annoying to be without one.

FubarMike says:

should have made a redneck io shield out of cardboard or something. I had to do that once

nevets68 says:

What electric screwdriver are you using? Also who played 3rd base for the 1954 Cleveland Indians? πŸ˜‰

greg20711 says:

Luv your videos, still…lol… We must have the Carey Fever… πŸ™‚

Matthew Williams says:

That ending!!

jos jenk says:

I would thing Asrock would have a io shield.

mdd1963 says:

"doing the work for free"….I will do this for family, friends, and a church only πŸ™‚

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