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Computer Repair for Regular People – PART 2

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Milan Jovanovic says:

Yup, that Windows is definitely pirated. The login screen doesn't have a giant 7 on it normally…

John Wilson says:

Have you stopped going to the computer clubs or the snowbirds places. I miss them !!!

FearlessKnight says:

"Pie-Rated Version!" lol

yildiz ucak says:

Hello Mr. Carey Holzman; 🙂
I don't have much time to play computer games but I do need powerful computer specs for my 2D/3D CAD drawings and neat-looking renderings … I discovered your presence and vitally-informative videos only 2 weeks ago when troubled with my ASUS laptop's infection from a type of virus that mostly attacked my peripheral device connections – 4 USB Ports – which completely crippled the ability to use any device that required a USB connection. The optical drive barely worked at the time, which helped save some important files in the last minute just before that drive was lost on me too…
Eventually, learning from your videos; virus detection; where and how they get installed on the computer without notice; how to get rid of them; how to get the computer back to its healthy original state; and install fresh from the WIN 10 ISO file to get the laptop running beautifully, just as new. 🙂
I also learned a lot on creating and building one's own gaming/high-spec computer for good measure. Now , I'm looking forward to building one. There certainly is something very fulfilling in solving one's own computer problems, do some repair and learn more in the whole process.
Your genuine approach to teaching, with generous amounts of information and sharing are all very impressive and appreciated.
Thank you so much for everything from Istanbul. Wishing you all the best. 🙂

Kurtis Matlack says:

11:17 very agreeable I will only continue using windows if it activates legally. If it does not activate under legal circumstances, even in a vm it is off my computer zilch. Natively, I run Linux on most machines for this reason.

Wize One says:

i do see one issue with moving the mobo over. as carey stated in ep1 there was no i/o shield. maybe he has one that will work in the parts bin

Robert Simpson says:

windows 7 should have said it was activated on the system screen , i think it might be pirated ,… windows 7 ultimate costs $400.00 usually, that is way to much for windows … windows 10 can be used without a key for a long time according to some youtube videos … i would only use windows 10 with no key in order to test a system only, or in a VM that is (again) for testing….
cant wait till the next part , would be nice to learn any tips for spotting pirated OS's

Rik Dusk says:

i still have my Win XP PC which i keep for old games. The optical drives (2) DVD and burner, there weren't all in one drives back then, if there was, have i wasn't aware, have all stopped working, both read nothing and see full disks as empty, can't figure out why.

ricigri12 says:

Maybe in Safe Mode you go to Run and type "netplwiz" and check "Users must enter a user name and a password to use this computer". Reboot in normal mode and see if the login screen appears

Gerard Dresch says:

Great vido and can't wait for part three — Thanks — Also First 65 or Older

Randall Lind says:

OMG Carey built an AMD system LOL

taipeitaiwan10 says:

When does time vs cost come into play? My reaction….how much am I making for this time I work?

Luke Evans says:

"I know I'm not going to be embarrassed by what's in there because I did it", if you can ever use this line in your life then your life is going well

tony Summerfield says:

You should give them all 4 memory sticks if the other 2 are compatible. 4gb should be a minimum

Troll Mctrollington says:


doom97 says:

Judging by that login screen background when it booted in safe mode it is most likely pirated since geniune windows 7 does not have that big "7" in the background of the login screen.

Doom Guy says:

What a ancient pc lol

alcatraz501 says:

windows xp was my favorite

David Martinez says:

enjoyed your video

gameflux says:

Can t wait for the next part !

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