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Computer Repair for Regular People – PART 1

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Daniel Ferreira says:

I can't stop laughing even after the video. Holy Moly, it was hilarious!

Michael Heiser says:

Thanks so much for all your time Carey!!! I really like the wireless microphone; lol. I need one of those πŸ™‚

Bryan B says:

take the Obama sticker off virus gone

1jeffr says:

Well, it looks like someone tried to do the right thing and rip that Obama sticker off the computer.

Michael W. says:

The shooting range

AjayJituBros says:

I have the same graphic card in my machine. Sapphire HD5750. It's Great for light Graphics. If coupled with a powerful CPU it wrecks the games at High.

Bri G. says:

not an expert but used to manage a shop and help with repairs. The way I learned was pulling old computers apart, and fooling around with them. I'd try to clone the drive or add other components. Also i reinstalled windows 2000 a dozen times and set up printers and used free software from the internet to test things.

mike fuson says:

alot of people like old computers. some just because they are old some like having them to play old games on

MrMudcatslim says:

Hey Mr. Holzman. I just wanted to say I do enjoy your channel. I actually built my first rig thanks to you.

And yeah, the Obama sticker?

You did right. What a mess. Lets just take this stuff outa here and get rid of it.

Sorry. I had to say it. πŸ™‚

Billy Xu says:

Runs like a Jet engineπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

HCkev says:

The Antec 900 was actually a pretty good gaming case back then. It didn't age very well, but it was innovative at the time with the removable and modular front bays and bottom-mounted power supply, and was also very well built compared to similarly priced cases at the time.

Joan Williamson says:

This should be called Watching a Computer Expert working on Computers

sberrysrtcake says:

I have Christmas lights that looks like those wires.

Derek Dasno says:

Well; Obamacare didn't make that computer any less sick. lol.

Robert Frederick says:

I have that exact same antec case lol. my main system is in it. don't know why but i love it even though I'm not really a gamer myself, but I guess i'm a glutton for punishment lol. it's a beast all right, weighs a ton, tons of adjustable-speed fans that glow blue when lit, and a beast to clean as well. but it was given to me and does serve it's purpose. true I could probably mount my system in a case similar to the other one, but the board was pretty much designed to be seen and was set up with a case window in mind. the only thing I would not have done was to have daisy-chained those fans. ugh

Luke Helton says:

That computer runs about as well as Obama ran the country. :p

Elmaz says:

I think the only thing good about that custom build was the Obama sticker!

Sean McCormack says:

and it has the OBama sticker virus.

Nintendo Porn says:

This is why case manuals are so important, even if the things like to omit bad design choices, you'll have some idea of how to deal with them.

Troll Mctrollington says:

HE FOUND SOME SCREWS for his jet-powered case lol and watch out THAT DELL IS COMING RIGHT FOR YOU

JohnyRockMusic says:

I love your videos carey but I feel like you should have cut the guy who built that some slack. We all start somewhere, like you said in another video " we arn't born with this knowledge its something we have to learn and the only way to learn is to do it " . The guy was obviously having a crack at building a system and I say good on him, go back and have a look at some of your first systems, I bet they weren't top notch either. my first systems? just like that, poor cable management and everything over the top. but I learnt. We need to spend more time commending people and helping prop people up and spend less time shitting on people who are having a go. your such a good guy who gives a lot of great info to help beginners so id just say don't shit on them publicly while they are having a go. Keep up the good videos Carey. and I also I must say I love the work you do with the elderly. The tech world needs more like you man.

Jay Bird says:

That over the top case was badass 10 years ago and

Mike Uchman says:

I bet that sticker meant it was certified "in perfect condition" by the Obama Administration, LOL!

spookdsq says:

I have a Antec 900 Case, the Cable management is Horrible for that case, where are you going to put the cables with only half inch space behind the motherboard tray…?

lnxpro says:

There must have been a screw shortage when this one was built. hahahaha… Also the firmware on the obama sticker was downlevel πŸ™‚

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