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Computer Repair Fails: Cockroach Infested Computer

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Was originally going to replace the charge port on this Samsung laptop. As I opened it, dead cockroaches kept falling out of it. I cut the part of the actual repair because it didnt work. Most likely the cockroach and corrosion lol.

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A71baba Hajduk says:

hahaha, cockroach porn on hdd, priceless

Scratacular says:

Why is Shia Labeouf fixing laptops O_o

faded gam3r says:

he knew what he was doing….that was HIS computer HIS house is infested..

MrCool says:

That's not that bad come on now, I have seen way worse on youtube.

Gluemat Gaming says:

Hi, do you know any signs what if my own laptop has any cockroaches too. I'm just asking, my apartment doesn't have a cockroach problem but I would still like to know. 🙂


Fucking cockroach legs lol wtf

Phantom Bloodlust says:

when he dropped it lmao

iLikePotatoes says:

That's fucking disgusting

Joseph says:

Holy shit how nasty was this guy

TGPxK1LL3Rx HD says:

No play toys today boys

SnipeKill says:

That pose tho XD

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