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Computer Repair Business in 2011

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Garry S says:

I prefer the term “Computer Service”. Computer “repair” has never really
been a thing. It implies fixing hardware issues, but honestly hardware
issues have always been rare. I bought a computer in 1995 and it lasted for
a few years with no problems. I upgraded eventually but it never had needs
for a repair.
Today, I would say it’s still a lucrative business. That’s why Geek Squad
can charge so much.
I get clients and calls all day and I have to turn them away because it
gets too busy, or bring in someone temporarily to assist.
But the idea of this business is to replace your full-time day job with
equivalent or more income, doing something you like on your own schedule.
It’s not go grow an empire.
Computer Services, I do computer training, teaching, website
troubleshooting, monthly support for small businesses that make a lot of
day after day I get virus, malware and ransomeware fixes. People can’t buy
a new computer to fix those issues. All their data is jeopardized and
buying a new computer still cost 2x as much as a repair. 

rmsData says:

I don’t think its so much that people can’t afford $150 for a tuneup.. I
think the hit the economy took made people more conscious of their spending
habits..realizing $150 for a tuneup is steep. I just believe that most
business owners pricing wasn’t competitive enough… They wanted to make
big bucks right away. Small computer repair shops have essentially always
forced the public to believe that prices like $250 for virus removal were
fair. My tuneups, since 2008, have been no more than $65..Virus removal
$90. Why so “cheap”? Because I’m fair..and I build awesome relationships
with my customers.. and because of this I always have a good amount of
work…and because I know how long a job will take me to complete. I can
complete 3 “tune-ups” and heavy malware mitigation in less than an hour..
all at the same time. Learn how to manage your clients and your workflow. 

Dillon Turner says:

I remember working for a computer repair company making $8 an hour, it was
a joke. The owner made bank! While I did most of the work! I ran the shop
and he literally sat at home all the time. Looking back now I realized how
screwed up the position was (young first job). Before that I did computer
work on the side as a teenager and so many of the people I did work for
constantly told me I needed to get out of there. I was busy constantly. I
was screwed out of pay several times. The few times the owner stepped into
the shop he would fuck things up to the point I had to take my time after
work to go back and fix them (many of these were for businesses) He started
to think I was trying to take over his business and was stealing his
customers so he hired other employees to try and replace me. But I was one
of the best techs in town! So they were constantly not able to keep up and
had to be fired for various reasons. He even went as far as hiring his 16
yr old cousin for the sole reason in hopes I would flirt with her and hed
have a reason to fire me and make himself look good. That didnt work either
but he still played that card anyway when he fired me. I made that asshole
all that money… Asshat had a new car every month! Right when he fired me
he bought a 2014 loaded top trim and everything honda accord! Hes paying
for it now. He hired back some of his old employees (both of which are
screwing him sideways)… Such a stupid ass… I miss the money. wasnt
anything crazy but its better than what im making now (I hardly do anything
now which is the only reason, if I tried to start a computer repair
business of my own he would find a way to have it shutdown. His parents are
rich and are friends with various lawyers, judges, even the chief of
police! I averaged close to $400 a week by the time I was fired. (which
isnt shit I know) but now I make around $160 a week and can barely pay my
bills (car payment which he swindled me into when I was there, what he did
wasnt legal but nothing I can do about it). I want to make payback a bitch
by trying to work at another computer repair store (there are several in
the city, the one I was at got some pick of the year shit while I was there
and was all in the paper) and making that repair store mow his over. But
all hed have to do is snap his fingers and his parents would take care of
it and have it shutdown if its a small business. I was thinking of shooting
for something like officemax. Their current service is sorry as hell
(people came running to me when officemax would screw their machines up
worse). I could turn it around if givin the leeway. Best part is right next
to officemax sits a business he fucked over (got one of their good front
desk ladies to come work at our shop so he could have someone to basically
have an affair with). The guy is an animal. If I knew I wouldnt get sued id
shout the name of the place all over the internet… This is what the world
is coming too. Hope no one else ever has to work for someone like that…
One day a carefully plotted revenge will be put into motion. Although
technically karma is already biting his ass. Its not enough though. With
the hell he put me through and it still putting me through. He will be
forced to shutdown his business.

Tony Carlozzi says:

How come Best buy geek squad is always packed and staples is always getting
work? and they charge double or more then we do? I know people working for
them both they are very busy with yours and my prices we should be getting
their clients as we are cheaper. thanks for posting I enjoy your videos

Pedro Orozco says:

Eli I agree with you the computer repair business cannot be totally dead
because people need some sort of repair for their computer for every single
computer owner.

sixwingcomputerrepair says:

you say 20 bucks for tune up do a ton of them at the same time and make
upwards of 100 bucks a day. i don’t know if that is feasible were you live
but where i live that is the going rate and a nice profit. also pay you
employee’s a percentage of each job it keeps prices down. that’s what i do
but the goal is network retainers. so while it starts in computer repair
and grows from there.

Richard Race says:

I think you put a little too much focus on just the computer/pc repair
aspect of the technology business. If you get into onsite tech services
for small business the pricing is a lot better than if you deal with
personal computers.

Ghostman80 says:

Do I really need a A+ Cert if I already know the basics of computer parts
and knowing how to install drivers and remove malware, viruses, etc?

garlicdawg says:

great video…U R a natural teacher…wish I could find someone like you to
teach me…can U tell us the best way to learn about the video surveilence
systems…? thnx….I so appreciate your videos & time…..

Fergal O Keegan says:

I tell you what m8….you are a breath of fresh air to me. Just found you
and I pish myself larfing with you, whilst simultaneously attempting to
comprehend your knowledgable repertoire. Bang on m8 keep it up

Robert Townsend says:

Great videos Eli, I’m glad I found you brother. You’ve been very helpful to

Duane Dean says:

I use to rebuild older IBM laptops. The expensive ones. Buy like 20 of them
off ebay for like $20 and all they needed was a chip replacement because
they locked it and then sold it. Then it slowly went into screen
replacement, keyborads, hdd’s to complete builds. I dropped it because it
was not paying anymore. Hard to comete with walmart and there $300 laptops
and charging $300 -$600 for a rebuilt one that origionally costed $2500.
People dont get it and dont care.

windjuicetech says:

Hey eli do you still actually do computer repairs?

phillycheese8888 says:

you actually paid for remote help desk software? What the hell’s wrong with

Ricky Tan says:

oh men, not to mention that the dollar was strong back then!

Paul James says:

I agree also there is money to be made in hmi repair, things that handle
inputs and outputs when they go down it begims to cost a company money

Ross Deprey says:

Hi thanks for your super cool video. I want to just say i own a few online
computer repair businesses and I have been at this for 8 years i had a few
workers like you too.. im 36 years old and this business has dropped like a
rock.. i still charge 99 for a full cleanup! but business is sooo slow! i
have 1,000s of customers they will pay it.. but new ones will not! I
started a seo business because of this mess.. I use bomgar the best remote
server money can buy! HELP LOL

puncherdavis says:

Hey stick the orange shirt back on.. Also tons of people where i live would
kill to make 10-12 bucks an hour because of crap economy and those people
have bachelors. Makes a person sad.

TheGeomalak says:

Do you have any idea why I am able to use VPN from teamviewer without a
problem but I am not able to acces it with windows. I have a Server 2003
and verizon Westell 6100g nodem

Mounir Drioua says:

Maybe i don’t post so mush comments but i wash your videos avery day, thank
you so so mush, you are just a talented teacher you have a simply and easy
way to make people understand

Hecket says:

i started alone as a pc repair shop from home as part time in 1998. I now
have 3 retail stores with repair capabilities in 3 locations and 1 massive
storage and shipping unit for the retail sold through our website. I
personally earned over 530k euro with taxes removed in 2011. You could say
it is dead, but if you only focus on computers you will lose. We do retails
of all sorts of tech aplliances and niches, even office supplies, pc
repair/maintence/customer training/ every cellphone repair etc

markomus says:

Hey, Eli… I’m in the business as well (number of years:5; prosperity
level: still delivering pizzas to pay the bills). REALLY enjoy your videos
and approach. Emphasizes the importance of paying attention to and
predicting market trends so one can adapt before the poo hits the fan.
Maintenance contracts are definitely a shoe-in at this point.

coloradovoter1 says:

If he is going to speak to the public with videos, he should learn how to
not talk down to people as if they are stupid.

Ricky Tan says:

Hey! eli, could you please give me an advise on whether or not I should
charge a fee for diagnosis, or a way to convince people to have their
computers repaired rather than buying a new one? thanks!

Scott Steel says:

There’s cautionary tales for every business especially during a recession
(things will improve) You have to understand that the population is aging
and 9 out of 10 people don’t know how to use the tech. Regardless of the
drop in price of computers, I still see line ups at the local computer
retailers who offer repair services. It’s not all doom and gloom. So many
variables come into play like demographics, your marketing effectiveness,
etc. Don’t let this dissuade you from going out on your own.

Shizzl3Mayn3 says:

a 2013 version would be awesome

cloudyblaize says:

man the minimum wage for a lil techno grunt in america is really low. i
presume its not just techno grunts i mean that’s just obvious but for
example the minimum hourly rate for a lil grunt in Australia is around
$20-$25 per hour and for someone with experience or a “senior” tech their
looking at about $30-$40 per hour. an amazing difference, profit margins
for shop owners here but be crap lol

Thecoinspot says:

Any advice on some websites that sale laptop screens battery’s and parts to
start up my own shop

Ophiuchus says:

Thanks. Good advice

Ross Deprey says:

yup.. i have used them all and bomgar works the best..

knives95338 says:

If you actually “repair” computers there is plenty of work. I reball
graphic cards, repair mother boards, ect….Yeah if you are just a parts
changer and a virus remover, you are not going to stay very busy….

Dale Modisette says:

Thanks again for videos it’s helped lots in training my Employees, here in
Texas, England, India. But sadly I want be open for business for another
month. But thanks again

sixwingproductions says:

I just started a repair business to make extra cash while I go to college
to learn more thing to make the real money so when I’m done with college I
will be going after server and general infrastructure work. the economy in
my knowledge is going towards small business and that computer guy who
fixes problems out of his house.

windjuicetech says:

It’s web design, networking, mobile app development etc is what’s needed
now as the guy below says don’t call your company kind computer repairs

Isidorus Hispalensis says:

Basic services are going to be more important than ever with what they are
producing these days. Theres no such thing as plug and play each and
everyday. Eventually your gonna have to do some service to your
system……..Especially the hard drives. And updated drivers etc etc.

pistolpedro007 says:

This is the first video I’ve seen of his were he comes across like @ big

Steve Elo says:

I was planing to comment on your 2010 video and say exactly what you say in
this video. in my shop I charge $49 for virus flat fee, combofix must fix
everything. $70 for windows re-install, $90 for powerjack motherboard. I
have customers who come twice a year for virus spyware cleaning and send
there frients,. I add now iphones screens. also I provide free checkup, but
if its some thing that it easy to fix I give the total cost of repair I
dont say what is the problem until he accept to fix it

FubarMike says:

I think it is the same this year as he states in this video not a whole lot
has changed 2013 will be a big change if you ask me though with windows 8
being able to refresh your system without losing any important data or even
needing a disc the wipe and reload part of the business will be dead on the
other hand many people will be confused with the new metro ui in win8 and
need assistance which you can charge for

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