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Computer Repair Bench Building Made Easy by TimsComputerFix.net

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In this video I show you how I am starting to renovate my repair shop at http://www.TimsComputerFix.net. We start off wit a pretty easy to build sales/Work bench that won’t break the bank.


abbey isabel says:

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HawkFest says:

This clip is actually about how to build a cheap but sturdy table with an old door. Nothing specific concerning PC/Computer Work bench or test bench.

Christopher Wood says:

Old doors make great table tops.

TimsComputerRepair says:

Tanks for watching and good luck!

David Hinshaw says:

Great videos Tim. I am looking at starting a sideline computer repair business geared at the home user. A lot of great ideas. Keep up the good work.

TimsComputerRepair says:

Thanks for watching.

TimsComputerRepair says:

I agree totally Mathew. My business has grown over the years and having a awesome looking bench was one of the last things I have been worried about.. Thanks for watching.

Matthew Davidson says:

You rock Tim! I am glad you showed the saw horses and door you were working on. These days everyone worries about work space and looks. I say get the work, perform quality service and everything else will follow.

Britec09 says:

It will look good when its all done Tim.

Grant Fullen says:

I like it Tim 🙂

wtbm123 says:

Lookin Good.

fixitdaz says:

Great job There Tim, Cannot wait to see the finished product,Thank for sharing this with us.

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