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Computer Maintenance Tips : How to Fix a Computer That Has Frozen

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To fix a frozen computer screen, hit control, alt and delete at the same time to pop up the task manager window. Fix a frozen computer screen with tips from a computer specialist in this free video on computers.

Expert: Charles Stewart Jr.
Contact: www.ipsource.tv
Bio: Charles Stewart Jr. has been working with both Windows-based and Mac-based computers for more than 10 years.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC


SalahSunat Productions says:

I was using my computer and listening to music until it froze and their was a weird sound. Is it a virus? If it is 🙁

Bruceann Yellowega says:

I don't have a reset button on my pc.

J Sanchez says:

thank you so much it works

Tiffeny Green says:

please I need help getting into my laptop, I have a windows 10 if that makes a difference

Tiffeny Green says:

I'm having an issue with being locked out in reset mode. and I cannot remember the password, is there a way that I can over ride threw a backdoor or something??? Help please

Natallyia Giovanni says:

Do one like this for laptops

SergeantOfAwesome says:

hitler was cool

SergeantOfAwesome says:


SergeantOfAwesome says:



My computer froze but not the audio…

Pakanf -PRODIGY says:

Thanks my screen was frozen but my clock was still updating and i was really confused but the ctrl alt delete helped thanks alot i was downloading and game and i didnt want to have to shut off my pc

Jeni Brett says:

My mouse will move but I can't do anything else

Jose Estrada says:

Thanks dude

Flying Snail says:

My computer won't respond to any commands but will only turn off or restart. Anyone know how to fix this?

Ana galaviz says:

My is not like that and doesn't want todo anything not even the mouse and doesn't want to turn off?????????

Cardelia Gatheright says:

Thanks your advice helped me alot

sci animated says:

** you i cant even pull that up on windows when frozen! *********************** you *************************


You cant do anythind when its frozen

Andrei Rusu says:

dude when it's frozen i can't do jack shit . The only thing i can do is reset the bastard.

Rok Tkalčič says:

Thanks you sir are a lifesafer

creepercraft675 says:

I tried all of that bitch

jv mosley says:

am using a laptop win7/64, no reset button, any ideas how to get out of it? it freeze, whatever u click nothing happens, but the cursor moves! pls. greatly appreciated!

Gran Laxus says:

I did window updates and then when it restarted the screen starts flashing and then it freezes completly.

Legit History says:


40attk0rsps says:

hey i was wondering my computer is freezing when it starts to load up there for i can't hit f11 or anything like that to reboot/restart it what is causing this?

EliteDeltaTeam says:

It works 15% of the time…. I did it and it unfrozed the window and closed it.

Sie Fi says:

Thank you good sir.

Cloud of Smoke says:

this video froze up on me

McAdoo46 says:

just stupid,my pc freezes 2 and when its frozen i CANT do anything, only a restart is the thing i can do, i really cant open task manager, weakest video ever on youtube

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