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Computer Keeps Freezing – How To Fix

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PC keeps freezing – (NEW LINK) http://www.thepchealthadvisor.com – If your computer keeps freezing, download this tool to scan your computer for issues such as outdated drivers, malware, registry issues and much more.

Nothing is more frustrating than when you’re on a website, working on a document or playing a game and your computer keeps freezing up on you causing you to lose your work and possibly restart your computer.

There are ways to prevent your computer from freezing as most common issues are caused by outdated computer drivers, bad registry files and software conflicts. Download this software and let it scan your computer for these errors so you can fix your computer from freezing.


Misty Franklin says:

PC Health Advisor is still available, the website just changed. You can still download it from http://www.thepchealthadvisor.com

Ian Glover says:

the link doesnt take you to the site you show in the video.
any explication?

Rehyboy115 says:

is this trust worthy tho.
does it send a virus because i am scared to download it

semi palmu says:

But i got like problem with my windows 7 that it keeps freezing

Amra Amra says:

how can I do any thing when my laptop frezze in the moment when i open it????

Toshka Vinogradov says:

10657 detected items no kidding

Here Have a Snickers says:

I think its my harddrive…

Agostinho Dsilva says:

It hangs when it is downloading something can you fix my problem please

CreatiVIty says:

But when I am about to download it the computer just freezes

ShwiftyBird says:

The problem is, i literally cant download antything without my computer coming up with the big pc box with a face and snowflakes around it saying that this website has frozen and that i can either wait for it to load (it never works if i wait) or i can kill it (close out of the page) please help!!

Awesome Face says:


AnimeeP says:

It worked it really work I got 1064virus!!!!!!

Deborah Hopper says:

Great info, Thank you.

Shark Performance Gaming says:

3,426 Items… Damn

Akmal Farid says:

Thanks man !

WoozieJacoozie says:

thank you so much, hopefully this will fix my random freezing problem!

endi dante says:

lucky bastard i got 1052

Misty Franklin says:

It's much more advanced than CCleaner.

Jacob Berke says:

Is this like CCleaner?

vovaqt says:

i should try this 🙂

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