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Computer Hardware Repair

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57 Minutes

This class teaches students how to troubleshoot and fix hardware problems with their desktop computer. This class covers 95% of all hardware issues that the average computer repair shop will see.


Computer Anatomy
This class talks about:

Where to Buy Parts
Basic Troubleshooting Methodology
Your Computer Does Not Power On
Your Computer Does Not Display Video
You Cannot Access Your Operating System
Your Network Card Does Not Work


NukeGameStudiosHD says:

Hey, my friend’s brother screwed up my friends PC by downloading porn. So
now pop ups are everywhere and the computer lags like hell. I want to help
him stop it but his brother is too ashamed to tell his mom. So how do you
fix a computer? I am thinking that uninstalling the programs and clearing
the “startup” folder will but I want to check with you guys.

trippplefive says:

Sure, a 13 year old can replace ram or maybe reapply thermal paste, but you
need years of experience to pinpoint issues inside your PC. You can spray
and pray and start removing and reinserting random crap if that’s your
thing…but it takes knowledge to figure out where the problem really lies.

Jeremy10001000 says:

I disagree about the no video but the PC is on, I’m 15 and been building
them since I was four, and most of the time it’s a dead CMOS battery…
every PC I’ve fixed with that error, it WAS the CMOS battery, you can pick
them up at your local dollar store! xD

Worton Issk says:

computer repair shops actually replace the parts rather than attempting to
fix the specific componenet


LOL the 13 year old part made me laugh because when I was around that age,
I worked my summers at my uncle’s shop fixing client computers :)

gregory hamilton says:

LoL I’m 12 and I can fixe my PC

Not So Retro Gamer says:

you said that most of the problems even a 13 year old could fix :)) i am 13
i fix my pc since i was 10 years old :))
Now i build pcs for my neighbors depends on person though i have friends at
the same age who don’t know how to instal a program they know only how to
play fifa :))

Rex II ForSure says:

All you need to do most of the time is to purge the threading

GAR A says:

i fuckig graduate of associate of science but cant find stupid job, dam
computer desktop or laptop are easy to fix but dam cat find stupid jobs

luka Rakarec says:

Awsome, I like the way that you are teaching!

Jeff Fabish says:

I’m studying for my A+ exam. Thank you for this concise, informative and
entertaining class. You pretty much summed up my entire semester in just
under an hour. Please keep posting material of similar subjects. :)

David Avalis says:

hey Eli I have a ACER laptop and the screen went off completely. I have no
idea what’s going to be. What should I do

Mike Turk says:

First of all, if your computer doesn’t work, make sure it’s plugged in :P

TechSupport4All (www.TechSupport4All.com) says:

Thanks..Good One



Nathan Swanson says:

haha im 13 and i build and mess around with computers all the time 

ivic1112 says:

I have builded my first pc when i was 9.

Daemen Can says:

“In other countries, such as Europe…”
Hmm according to that logic, are the Netherlands a state of Europe? xD

Macharddrives says:

Good video but so long!

Eugene Nwikina says:

Hi Eli, Can you replace the Hard Disk Drive on a HP touch smart to an Solid
State Drive? 

Frankie Mesa says:

😯 Never play Doom again?!?!?!?! NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

kiril zlatarski says:

hi please help from some days or weeks or i dont know from when whoever
,when i try to open ipv4 properties dont allows me the icon is dark if
undarstand me like is lock or i dont know 🙁 why is like this please help
me and i have one more questiion
i fix one app from task man.. to using only one core of my cpu but i want
to give for expamle if my cpu is 3gh to give a this app 2.4 gh not only
one core of my spu so please help me :(

Chizzle0113 says:

Its actually 230v in Europe lol, close enough though

ZeOnlySpartacus says:

Eli whats your repair shop called? And I am thinking of taking classes for
Computer repairing to work in a repair shop and such any suggestions?

tilahun adem says:


Isaac Muwonge says:

u the best Eli computer guy

eddie dehoyos says:

you owe me one hour of my life

Tiago Vicente says:

One of your funniest movies 😀 Thumbs Up!

Tesfaye Gebisa says:

i like it

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