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Computer freezes or not Responding ! How To FIX-2016

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Sometime computer can not work properly or hang.That’s kill our valuable time.In this tutorial I am gonna show you How fix computer hang.End Task the Not Responding program. If the Caps Lock can turn on and off, Windows is still working, but another program may not be responding and causing the computer to freeze. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the Windows Task Manager.

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Zeref Dragneel says:

Wow it work ty… But after that it lag again

-Fred Playz- says:

Thank you my friend =)

Prashant Tiwari says:

thank you its working

Spicy Hedgehog says:

thanks for a good data!!! 😀 I was working a work with my computer and it was freeze and not responding many times, I'm so worry but not it's ok cuz if you :3

varajnish tiwari says:

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varajnish tiwari says:

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ImJustWeird Ok? says:

Wtf I lost all my application lol

geefmemarnasigoreng says:

Why my task manager doesnt have explorer.exe??

MRickNL says:

My computer is just as slow as an ultra slowhard drive, atleast it acts like that. It works on an ssd but its soooo slow it just randomley got so slow, didnt install anything


Good video!!

DrinkBleach says:

open bobs and vagene

VGamer says:

I need to do that every day to prevent my computer on hanging or when my computer is hanging or not responding only? how about when the games or google/mozilla/explorer etc. are not responding?

Hemant Choudhary says:

Mine dell laptop stopped responding what to do it has very important data in it please help me if you can

Jack King says:

Hello sir my laptop is responding by utorrent is not work open word all please make video for me please

Horner says:

You're my hero

Никола Арсов says:

Thank you so much!

JJ Galang says:

My laptop is not respondinf again after a few minutes after doing it bro? Can you help me?

Suqlain Mughal says:

thank you so much bro

Mehbub Khan says:

Thanks bhai ….

Vuong Nguyen says:

yayyyyy. It's working. My laptop It's faster than before… thanks youuuuu

ousse says:

for me the pointer freeze all in the screen cant click and the keyboard how to solve?

Jolly Cooperation says:

Yeah what Task Manager doesnt even want to fucking open!!?

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